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Are you experiencing the following paranormal or spiritual afflictions:

  • Unexplained spiritual, religious, supernatural or paranormal occurrences?
  • Disturbing nightmares or sleep paralysis episodes?
  • Hauntings and other paranormal activity within your home or property?
  • Experiencing constant bad luck, obstacles or negative occurrences?
  • Sensing you’re not alone or being watched, living in a constant state of fear or paranoia?
  • Seeing, hearing, feeling, or smelling things that no one else can? Or that you cannot find the source of?
  • Have you reached out to local paranormal investigators, Priests or other spiritual professionals to no avail?

If you answered YES to more than one of these questions you’re here for a reason. Take a look at my Spiritual Cleansing Services to see what I can do for you.

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*Please note: I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I come to you. Please take a look at my Contact page for more info on How and Where I work.


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