This week I have decided to write about contacting and communicating with spirits and other entities and how to tell whether they actually are who they say they are.  This is due to the overwhelming number of posts on social media as well as emails and calls I personally receive, where people have been playing with things they shouldn’t. Or they are communicating, summoning, and invoking things they do not understand.

Things that are not who they say they are…

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Using our spiritual discernment is a key part of all things spiritual just as in life. This is also known as following your gutusing your intuition, or receiving guidance from your higher self. All of these things are about gaining control and learning to trust your own judgment with spirits/ entities just as you would people around you.

For a lot of us, Grief is what drives us to seek out the dead with the help of a Medium / Psychic or make us desperate enough sometimes to pull out the mysterious Ouija Board and make contact ourselves. The thing here is, there are dangers associated with inexperience and the use of these tools, especially The Board.

communicating with spirits, séance, ghosts,

Going to see someone who specializes in communicating with spirits and the deceased is usually a safer option. Unless you are unfortunate enough to find a charlatan and get scammed… which happens sadly. And for most of us, it’s not worth the disappointment, or we simply aren’t getting the answers we need at the time. So we take matters into our own hands and then we are stuck with an entity or sometimes multiple entities that won’t leave and that were never really invited in the first place… or so we think.


​The biggest misconception about using a Ouija Board when communicating with spirits, is that once you say “Goodbye” the game is over. Well to you it very well may be. But for the entities sitting on the other side of the veil, they can watch and stay as long as they please because you have essentially opened the door for them and they may not necessarily want to go back just yet.

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They can linger and lie dormant for days, months even. But eventually, once they have gained enough strength and observed you for a while, they will start to make their presence known. They will act up as soon as you give them the chance. Sometimes we feel low or stressed, unmotivated, get sick even and we are vulnerable, that’s when they will act. Then we are sitting in FEAR. 


We hear a noise – FEAR. 

We see a shadow out the corner of our eye – FEAR.

We start feeling uneasy in certain rooms or spaces in our homes – FEAR.

This fear build up makes them stronger. Each time you give in to that fear inside you, they feed on that and things will escalate. 

​Majority of the time, trying to contact a deceased loved one using the board is a waste of time. Unless you have physically felt their presence around you, they have most likely moved on.  You should be glad about this! Where they have moved on we may never truly know.

But the spirits that are here waiting for contact; are more often than not very lost souls. They are not able to move on or they are negative entities and demons waiting for the door to be opened. 


Another misconception is that a human soul can possess you, this is not true. Sometimes when communicating with spirits, they respond by manipulating things around us or they can even go so far as to physically manipulate us and our bodies. But they cannot enter your body and assume controlThat is demonic. 

Or in some cases such as in Voodoo, it is a part of their practice to invite Loa/ Lwa to possess or mount them. But these too are not human spirits. So I say again, the dead cannot possess you. They can attach to you and follow you, cause havoc in your home even, and in some rare, very negative cases they can cause you physical harm.  Should you or someone you know had concerns about being possessed, then it is not a human spirit / deceased loved one you are dealing with.


Higher beings of light such as Angels/ Guides/Saints/Ascended Masters etc will NEVER  try to take over your body or even go so far as to tell you what to do. We have been given FREE WILL in this life and they will assist where they can when we pray/ask for assistance. But they will never just intervene in our lives unless it’s something that’s not part of our soul plan.

Beings of light do not need a Ouija Board to be contacted. They are of a much higher frequency than us and those souls we are actually talking to are on the Astral or in lower realms closer to ours. In order to contact the higher beings, we would use meditation and light invocations like prayer to raise our own vibrations, as it’s very hard for them to drop theirs to match ours. 

​Obviously, some people weren’t so good in this life and they leave behind certain energies and negativity even after they have passed which can attract more negative entities to the place in question. Then we attempt to communicate with these spirits by bringing a board into the mix and it’s like putting out a welcome mat for these energies to latch on to yourself or your space. This can then be very difficult to get rid of and again make things worse if you try and do not know what you are doing. 


​Once a loved one has passed their soul is released and will move on from this realm, most of the time. If however, you feel they are still with you, maybe it’s time to question if it really is that soul. 

Sometimes, we want something so badly this makes us vulnerable to trickery. Entities and demons can change everything about themselves in order to gain your trust and to make you think they are someone they are not.

There are even instances of demons masquerading as Jesus to prophets and priests alike. 

This is where your spiritual discernment comes in. Based on what I have shared with you today you now know that no being of light will do things that give you a bad feeling. They will never tell you to harm yourself or another in any way or try to manipulate you into doing something. If you ever feel uneasy with a spirit or entity, trust your gut and call them out. 


​There is a certain Universal Law that states that any entity must tell you their True Name after asking 3 times. Many people do not know this simple, very helpful little rule. If you have been communicating with spirits and you are seeing some red flags after believing they are a loved one or someone else you trust, ask them or better yet, command it so.

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​Our loved ones will usually make their presence known in a dream or other subtle way that we sometimes miss because of our own heartbreak at their passing.

So instead of trying desperately to contact them using external and dangerous methods, often just quieting your mind and holding their image there for a while can summon them to you.

Their signs can come in many different forms so keep your eyes and ears open. Doing things that they loved while they were alive, visiting places that make you feel closer to them is often also a wonderful way to get in touch with their energy and feel more connected to them.


Some commonly reported signs that people receive are feathers, butterflies and birds or other animals. There are also some who receive pennies or other coins from their deceased loved ones. Then, there are those who are lucky enough to see visions and apparitions or have more physical experiences with ones they have lost.


Sometimes we may also notice small yet constant synchronicities like seeing the same numbers repetitively or hearing a certain song on the radio, smelling a distinct perfume or cigar smell… the list goes on.

While these may seem insignificant or possibly even coincidence, but if you have asked for signs and you keep pushing them aside, you may not be as likely to receive more. So it is always best to keep an open mind and acknowledge when you feel your loved ones near. Whether or not you are a believer, in the end, is up to you but there are some signs you just cannot argue with.


For those who would like to reach out to their deceased loved ones, here is a really simple exercise to try-

  • Sit quietly and light a candle, focus on your breathing.
  • Create a sacred space where you are relaxed and will not be disturbed.
  • Now, hold onto something that belonged to the person you are trying to connect with and focus on that for a while,
  • Even if it’s just a photograph. Look at it, feel it, repeat their name clearly in your mind a few times over or out loud.
  • You can pray and ask for some signs from them so that you know they are still with you, or you know they are at peace.
  • Know that the signs you are searching for may not come at that very moment. But sit quietly and see if you can connect with their energy.

Sometimes we are not patient enough and just like with using the Ouija Board, we think we have stopped meditating or finished our prayers and we get a sign we have been waiting for a few days, weeks or even months later. Things are always happening in the background that we aren’t aware of, so hang in there and don’t lose hope!


​I hope this article is informative to those seeking answers and think they need to search outwardly for them. I hope you are a bit more cautious as to who you communicate with or decide to give you energy to and invite into your space and your life. And remember, our loved ones never really leave us. 

If you have any questions or feedback please email me directly.

​Blessings! Cheyenne.

* This was written with my dear granny in mind, she passed last year and would be 93 tomorrow… I have seen her many times in my dreams since and although she hasn’t visited me physically, I know she is always around x

This article was originally written & published – 26.07.2020


Why are Ouija Boards Dangerous?

Using a Ouija Board is essentially opening a doorway between yourself, your space and the other side. You are allowing anyone that is present at the time to enter and interact with you. By starting the game you are opening up a portal that is not closed as easily as saying Goodbye. This means entities or spirits can linger or sometimes lie dormant waiting to strike.

Are Spirit Boxes and EVP Devices Dangerous to Use?

Yes and no. Usually these technological devices are not gateways as they simply allow us to hear or see what is already around us. Typically, one gets a device because they have already felt a presence they would like to communicate with or get on video. That being said, these devices can also attract entities that want to communicate.

Should I See A Medium After A Loved One Has Passed?

This is a very personal choice. If you are looking for closure or answers concerning a loved ones passing, then a Medium is certainly one way to go. Before rushing to make a booking, do your research and try get some reviews from others with regard to your chosen professional. These services can be costly and if your emotions are high you may be vulnerable to scams.

How Do I know if my Deceased Loved Ones are Still Around?

Once someone we love passes it can be a very dark time for us. We often get consumed by our feelings of loss and grief and sometimes become blind to the little signs they are near. Once we have let go of the grief and are at peace with their passing, we are able to connect with their energies and pick up on any signs present. Something as small as smelling a loved one’s scent or seeing butterflies at their grave are all confirmations from your loved ones they are watching over you.

How Can I Communicate With Deceased Family & Loved Ones?

There are a few ways to contact the spirit realm, but not all of them are safe or easy to do. When going through a period of mourning we may be inclined to try reaching out to our recently deceased. While this is understandable, it is also very dangerous. Due to our raw emotional state, we are more vulnerable to spiritual deception, in the form of wayward souls or entities. Take a look at this article for more information on how to communicate with your crossed over loved ones safely.


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