Since the beginning, mankind has tried to understand things that have been deemed by many as unexplainable, unbelievable, sometimes inexplicable events, beings, phenomena or even places. Things much bigger than ourselves; Dreams are one of these things.

When we think of dreams, we may take them for granted in the way of magickal abilities, everyone has them (some more than others) even animals dream – I am sure you’ve witnessed your dog or cat being vocal and sometimes even making physical movements while they’re asleep and in a dream state.


Well, what is a dream, and do we actually leave our bodies during this time? Or is it all just in our heads as some say? Is it your subconscious mind processing and trying to make sense of the jumbled messages you’ve received throughout the day?

Why couldn’t it be both? I believe each theory to be quite valid once you have done the research behind them. It makes sense to think that although some people may dream every single night, sometimes it is the jumbled parts of your mind making sense of the chaos. During sleep, our body is able to shut down and reboot. This process also affects those areas of the brain that need to do the same thing. Not shut down of course, but go inward and slow down as we reach our REM and Delta stages of sleep.

These are the dreaming states and this is where our minds are able to more easily fit the pieces of the puzzle together when we have an issue weighing on us, or something we need clarity on. These, are those cases of people having epiphanies in their sleep and waking up with the answer they’ve been searching for, or the next BIG idea.

Other times, however, we wake up exhausted even after our usual amount of sleep or more. Have you ever experienced a terrifying evening of nightmares or even a wonderfully vivid dream that just felt so real! Because It was. These are the times when your soul or astral body is travelling. These are the instances where your astral body leaves once you have fallen asleep and travels to the dream realms or astral planes and has experiences separate from your body in bed.

dreams, astral travel. sleep


Our sleeping environments are pretty important. The bedroom should not be cluttered or messy, This affects the Chi and energy flow of the area. Ideally, if you are able to have your bed lifted from the ground, as in on legs so your base is not on the ground, this will allow for a better flow of energy. You should also never keep live plants in your bedroom or sleeping space. Plants will naturally absorb your energy while you sleep, thus leaving you very tired and drained in the morning.

Another thing many are wary of is keeping mirrors in the Bedroom. There are many superstitions of mirrors in the bedroom specifically facing the bed or hanging above the bed. People of older traditions and some today believe that it is bad luck for your soul to look in the mirror once it comes out of the body. Also, that the soul itself suffers shock from seeing its own reflection. This is damaging to not only the spiritual body but the physical body of the dreamer as well. Many of these believers can be identified still to this day, with mirrors in their homes or just the bedrooms being covered with fabrics, others will remove mirrors completely, this being but one reason. 

*Those interested in learning more about Magick and Rituals associated with Mirrors take a look at my article.

Our dreams if we allow them, can be a powerful tool in understanding our own psyche. There are so many dream interpretations out there, often it’s hard to find the description or exact settings or characteristics you are looking to gather information on. I personally find it easier to dissect the whole into smaller parts, isolating key characters and moments in the dream analyzing these individually, and then putting it all together to form the message you needed to receive.

Let’s take a look below.


The key to getting the most out of your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up. That way everything is fresh in your head. Try and remember every tiny detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, any details could be of vital importance when decoding your dreams. As they tend to fade and slip away as the day progresses, we need to act fast.


dream journal

Once you have written things down, break them up into segments – either in your head or in your Dream Journal.

  • Who were the main characters in the dream?
  • Were they people or animals?
  • Are they familiar to you in this lifetime?
  • Which animals are they and how were they behaving towards you?
  • Did you recognize your surroundings as places you’ve been to before or maybe you have had previous dream encounters there?

These are just starting points and you can branch out and go as in-depth as you need in order to find the answers you are looking for.

Remember, dreams are signs and symbols that we need to piece together in order to best interpret them in a way of easier understanding. It’s like watching a movie and without knowing the script or the plot, we need to figure out the plot at the end based on clues given in characters and other details.

Let’s analyse some popular dream topics and their meanings;


Animals in dreams and interpretations are fairly common and can be found in many Dream Interpretation Books or Google. There are many different views, especially when it comes to dream explanations based on religious views. So you need to find the one that best resonates with your own views and obviously makes the most sense for your current situation.

dreaming of a snake

Example – To dream of a snake in Christianity would be considered demonic influence because of the infamous serpent in The Bible. It would represent the temptations or possible indulgences you are giving into, lust, greed etc. Possibly even a person that you are being manipulated by.

But in Shamanism and other older, traditional Witchcraft traditions, they see the snake as a symbol of rebirth, healing, and even a divine messenger. Although in a worst-case scenario, the snake can also represent betrayal and deceit from someone close to you. Depends on other factors and elements within the dream.

The circumstances and colours surrounding the imagery in the dream are also of importance.

dreaming of a black dog

Example To dream of a dog symbolizes friends, friendships, loyalty, family etc. But what about the colour of the dog? Black dogs and other black animals, in particular, are often taken as warnings or dark omens in some religions or traditions.

Black dogs, cats, or any animal really can also symbolize certain Deities that may be trying to call on you in your dreams. Sometimes these powerful beings will take the form of an animal so as not to scare you.


People in your dream are tricky, sometimes they do not represent actual people in our lives but rather other aspects of ourselves. I mean it’s impossible to write out every possible scenario where you dream of people and what it could mean, but I feel as you get more confident with looking up dream meanings and decoding your dream messages, you will be able to assess things with more ease and it will be a lot easier to figure out who, what, where and why in your dream and how it relates to your current issues or subconscious thoughts and emotions

  • A great example is dreaming of your spouse cheating on you. This doesn’t always represent an accurate description of your real life.
  • It could be feelings of your own past discretions giving you guilt, your own past relationships that you haven’t properly healed from so you have bought the issues with you to the current one.
  • Or it could also represent some fears you have about this happening in the future.
  • However, sometimes it does mean exactly what we think it means and we are not able to process this in our conscious mind. Therefore it comes up in our dream state trying to get the message across where we cannot deny or ignore it any longer.
  • Another situation I’m sure we have all experienced is, dreaming of different people in bodies that are not their own in real life.
  • This is one of those weird dreams where you know who the dream character is, but you’re also aware that’s not how they look in your waking life.
  • Sometimes these types of dreams can even be a glimpse or re-enactment of past life memories and characters that are in your life today. You recognize their soul but not their bodies.


Many people visit the same places when they dream. My partner often has dreams of being at a beach. He hardly dreams and yet when he does, this is where he goes. Sometimes it’s where you feel most comfortable or you may even have an anchor to that location in this life. Allowing you to jump there whenever your soul needs some peace or something familiar to hold onto.

Such as my childhood home, whenever I dreamt of being indoors it was inside that house for around the first 20 odd years of my life. I have lived in a few places since that home and I find that I don’t dream of it quite as often as I used to, but these locations are important to us and that’s why we are drawn to them even in our sleep.

Often buildings or property in dreams represents the dreamer themselves. The state of the building and other details will also give you clues as to what the message may be. Such as in dreaming of being in an abandoned house. This may symbolize your own emotions and loneliness at that time. Or dreaming of a crowded home that is cluttered, this could be your frustrations at feeling confined or stuck in a certain situation or place.



It’s not as rare as one may think to visit or meet with a Spiritual Entity or Deity in their dreams. I do believe when this happens that entity is actively trying to communicate with you in your waking hours too. It’s a sign to get in touch and quieten your mind during the day in order to better connect with them and receive their messages. Often when we are trying to contact these beings, they will send us messages in our dreams as it’s easier for them to connect with us that way.


But further investigation depends on the type of entity right? If you are having nightmares of demons and such, you don’t need to contact them during the day to get the message. (Unless you are actively trying to contact these negative beings). You can research them if you’ve been given a name or see something significant in your dream and would like to know more about them. But the message is quite clear; cleanse yourself, protect yourself and take precautions to protect your dreams too. Because right now you are defenceless so to speak, and that’s why they are presenting themselves to you. It is highly common for negative entities to attack in your dreams as this is your most vulnerable state.

*For those who have been having these occurrences or would like to start working with Deities and other Celestial beings, take a look at my two-part series – Saints, Guides and Deities-Part1 and Saints Guides and Deities- Part2.

Below are some different options for bedtime rituals and tools to assist with these and other sleep situations. That being said; never underestimate the power of hanging up a dreamcatcher over your bed.


Another great way to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep is to put on some meditation music or guided meditation while you are falling asleep. There are millions out there on Youtube/ Spotify/ Google etc

meditation and music for sleep

The best choice for those who don’t like guided meditations are the Frequency Music options on Youtube channels. You can choose sleep music specifically or pick a frequency that will benefit/balance your chakras while you sleep, one that will invite the angels into your space, ones to activate healing or third eye stimulation, etc.

These musical notes are of higher frequencies and activate dormant cells in our bodies and pathways in our minds in order to better align us with those vibrations. These frequencies assist us in raising our own vibrational energies when we are feeling low too.

When used for sleep purposes, make sure to pick tunes that are soft and soothing so as to relax and ease your mind rather than stimulate or distract it.  


essential oils

There are many herbs and plants that aid in relaxation and promote good dreams along with a peaceful night’s sleep. some of these include:

  • Lavender
  • Valerian
  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile (great as a bedtime tea too!)
  • Jasmine
  • Vanilla
  • Ylang Ylang

You can also use these in the form of essential oils;

  • Place a drop or two on the corners of your pillowcase.
  • A few drops in a small bowl of salt near your bed.
  • Use in a diffuser, let it run for a while before bed so your room smells inviting when you head off.
  • Apply directly onto your skin (dot your temples and wrist areas for calming – please make sure to test oils on a small area beforehand so as to avoid any allergic reactions.)
  • Make a natural linen spray so you can spritz your sheets before bed.

These oils and the herbs can also be used in a Spiritual Bath (as discussed in previous articles) before bedtime.

dream pillow
Dried herb combinations stored in a pouch under your pillow or in your pillowcase is another way to use plants such as in Dream Pillows.


There are of course crystals for everything you can imagine. All have multiple uses. These are wonderful objects to place inside your pillowcase, next to your bed, or just under the pillow for various uses while asleep.


  • Amethyst – Deep purple and known around the world, this underestimated stone assists with dream recall, psychic abilities, anxiety, and inducing calm.
  • Clear Quartz – Aids with Healing, Balancing, Protection, and Absorbing Negative Thoughts and Energies.
  • Blue Lace Agate – Peaceful Sleep, Gentle blue calm space, Anti-Anxiety, Protector of bad dreams.
  • Howlite – Aids in restlessness and insomnia, helps to calm you, Remembering dreams.
  • Rose Quartz – Unmistakable pink! This stone exudes love, and peaceful energy and will help with unresolved issues of the heart/heart chakra.
  • Purple Flourite – Peaceful Sleep and helps with dream recall and Interpretation.
  • Red Jasper – Improves dream recall, Grounding, Protection stone as well.


  • Tigers Eye – Grounding, Protection, Releasing Fear, Aids in Discernment.
  • Black Obsidian – Protection, Cleansing Negativity, Psychic Protection
  • Black Onyx – Protection, Cleansing Negativity, Prevents Personal Energy from being drained, assist with stress and grief.
  • Black Tourmaline – Protection, Cleansing Negativity, Transmuting Negative to Positive, Balancing Chakras.
  • Hematite – Protection, Grounding, Activating Root Chakra, Calming.
  • Selenite – Calming, brings peace, assists in meditation, raising your vibration.
  • Purple Flourite – Peaceful Sleep, Dream Interpretation, protection from nightmares and sleep paralysis.
  • Dalmation Jasper – Protection from nightmares and restless sleep.
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz (Clear, Rutilated, Smokey)


  • Angel Phantom Quartz – Is a wonderful stone to help you to nurture/grow your relationship with your loving Guides and Guardian Angels in your dreams and everyday life.
  • Celestite – This ethereal blue stone will assist in bridging the gap between you and the higher spiritual planes, allowing you to feel closer to the Angelic beings that surround you. Also creates a harmonious space in your surroundings.
  • Kyanite – Aids in heightening your intuition and allowing you to be more aware of the higher vibrations around you. This is also a communication stone and will clear the way for you to better communicate with your Angels during dreams and when you need them during the day.
  • Moldavite – Carries a very high vibration as it is believed to be ‘not of this world’. This stone assists with raising your own vibration in order to have better success of meeting these Higher beings when we sleep and being able to better connect with them during meditations etc.
  • Prehnite – A beautiful green stone that works on the heart chakra. Opening/healing our heart centres is key when wanting to connect with these beings of light.

*I wouldn’t put more than 3 crystals under your pillow at a time. Too many will create too much energy and probably prevent you from sleeping well. You can alternate these crystal combos every few days or weeks according to what you’d like to achieve during sleep or which stones you have the best results /feelings with.


Make sure to cleanse your crystals before using them, between uses, or in general every few months just to get rid of stagnant or built-up energy in and around them. Remember, crystals absorb energy from their environment as well, so they are constantly working in the background within our environment even if we aren’t actively using or wearing them.

Cleansing crystals should be done in the morning and left overnight, or vice versa. They should be cleansed for at least 24 hours before using them. Some cannot go in water, therefore I have added some alternate solutions below. Remember to charge them in the sun or moonlight in order to activate them once they have been cleansed.

cleansing crystals


*Those of you in SA please take a look at my Magick Shoppe page for my dreamy Sleep Happy Spiritual Bath Mix and other unique, spiritual sleep supplies. These are available to purchase and courier anywhere in SA – collection from me is also an option if you reside in JHB.*

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I hope you all found this article helpful and now that you have a better understanding of what dreams are and how to get the most out of yours, it will be easier to navigate and understand them while having a restful night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams!



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What are Dreams?

Most people believe dreams to be part of the subconscious mind playing out scenarios and working through internal conflicts while we sleep. Others believe it is our astral bodies travelling different dream planes and having these encounters and experiences on an energetic or spiritual level.

How to Decipher Your Dreams?

Decoding or understanding your dreams can be a tricky exercise. Sometimes they are incredibly involved or there are a few crucial elements so it can be tough to know where to start. When trying to decipher your dreams, try keeping a dream journal and dissecting key aspects or characters and work off that to build the message.

What Crystals Can I use to Aid in Sleep and Sweet Dreams?

There are so many beautiful crystals that can aid you in various areas of the bedroom. Some will work well for insomniacs such as Howlite. While others will protect you from nightmares like Amethyst or Tigers Eye Keeping these under your pillow will prove effective. Do your research and see what resonates with you.


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