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It’s that time of year again Smudgers! Halloween or Samhain is upon us, and what a significant time it is! So much possibility, magick is literally hanging in the air just waiting for you to grab it. Whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, Halloween season is a special time for us all and a time to honour and respect our dead. Many think of Halloween being a one day event however, the energy this month is very powerful right from the start and will be until at least the 10th of November.

For those practicing folklore traditions such as American or Mexican, there is another holy time of year that is celebrated in November. Day of the Dead of course! This varies across traditions and the places you visit however, it is usually the 1st / 2nd of November. The Catholics also celebrate All Saints Day during this time on November 1st.

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This is a time for honouring and celebrating our ancestors and recently deceased loved ones. It is a time when the veil is lifted and we walk between worlds. During this time the dead walk among us. Because of how vulnerable we are during these months, it is especially important to protect yourself, your space and your loved ones. Your ancestors will not be deterred by these protective measures, and neither will any higher vibrational beings you are working with. But at this time, the darker entities have also come out to play. They have access to us just as the dead do and will use this opportunity to infiltrate your home or yourself in any way they can. As the year closes to an end, we are also experiencing fatigue and high pressure in our daily lives. Everyone is run down, vulnerable, and eager for December to arrive so we can relax. This makes us even more susceptible to spiritual attacks.

In this article, I will provide some tips for getting through the season, no matter your magickal plans.


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*Always practice caution when performing any rituals and trust your intuition when dealing with spirits or other entities.


The act of cleansing your space should be more than just a once off or once a year kind of ritual. On average, one should be doing a thorough physical and spiritual cleanse or ‘spring clean’ at least every season, minimum. The seasons are a wonderful reminder of shedding the old to make room for growth and blessings. A home or property that is cluttered, dirty, derelict or not cared for is the perfect magnet for negative, lower level or dirty energies to manifest and grow.

As social creatures, humans tend to pick up and carry around the energy we encounter in our day to day lives. This means that if you are seeing people everyday, sitting in traffic and just doing your grocery shopping, you are picking up and collecting others’ energy or vibrations without even realizing it. Negative energy is all around us, just like positive energy and it’s really easy when you’re having a bad day to pick up and collect this energy in your aura fuelling your rage or unhappiness. When bringing that energy home it will sit and linger in the environment and your own energy field until something is done to transmute or remove it.

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During this time of year, many are deterred from spiritual cleansing practices as they don’t want to chase away the ‘good spirits’… this cannot and will not happen. The act of using Sage or Smudging is known to many to remove negative energies around an individual or a home. However, in Native American cultures where this practice originated, Sage is also burned for sacred ceremonies and to call on the ancestors and other spirit helpers. The smoke allows spirits an easier cross over to our world, whether as an invitation or as a request to leave. This is why your intention is key with any rituals or spiritual practice. So burn your Sage or Palo Santo, bless your space, clear out the stagnant energies and invite your ancestors in. Just state your intentions aloud and be clear about what you are doing and trying to achieve.

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Creating spiritual barriers is another and entirely separate practice. This is what many do not understand. To simply remove negativity is one thing, but you need to keep it from returning. Spiritual barriers could mean many different things but common ways to do this are through visualization or meditation. Such as envisioning a bubble of white light around yourself and your home, or calling on a higher power to assist you. Other more physical methods, which are also effective include using amulets or charms, symbols, sigils or mirrors.

Here’s my full article on Clearing and Protecting Your Energy.

For more on using Mirrors or other protective charms in your craft take a look at my article on Mirrors: Magick and Rituals.


Many take advantage of this spooky season by trying seances or summonings. While this could be all fun and games, trust me when I say it is just not worth it. When we open communication with the dead we are inviting in anyone else or anything else that may be there too. There are many dark beings that relish this time as this is when they are invited in whether it is intentional or not. So again, be very clear about who you are contacting, be very precise in your boundaries and explain them to the spirits so there is no room for funny business.

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*Before doing any sort of communication with spirits or other entities, always ground and protect yourself. Again this will never deter any loved ones or beings of the light.

If you are genuinely looking to make contact with your ancestors or other deceased friends or pets, this is the right time to do so. It is safest to keep within your own friend or family circle or only call on those you know personally. Remember, if there are lost souls around they too will take the opportunity to tag along and hitchhike right into your home. So if you are already experiencing paranormal activity in your home, perhaps it is best to cleanse and protect your space first. This way you can get rid of harmful spirits or entities before inviting in your loved ones.

Those interested can take a look at my full article on Communicating with Spirits.


Often, around this time of year, some people experience a rise in paranormal or unexplained supernatural phenomena in their homes or around them. This is also due to the thinning of the veils. You may find you are possibly even experiencing more vivid dreams or sensing your deceased granny more than usual. This is normal.

The only thing to watch out for is if things should escalate or get dangerous for people living in the home. A lot of the time, people will have no activity or weird happenings, then Halloween creeps up and things start getting weird. This is why it is important to cleanse and protect your home year round. Cleansing too often will also have its own problems as you will eventually just be removing all energy good and bad, leaving an empty vortex that is highly attractive to lost energies. So the key here is balance.

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For those that are experiencing paranormal activity or feel they may be under spiritual attack, take a look at my full article on identifying The Signs of Spiritual Attack.


For those looking for rituals to do on Halloween or Day of the Dead – the best things to do would be some form of honouring or celebration of life and death. This can be done in whatever way is most comfortable to you, here are some ideas you may enjoy.


Many of us do not like to think about death or the fact that we will inevitably need to deal with it in this lifetime. It’s like there’s an hourglass with your name on it out there somewhere and you have no idea when it will run out… During this Halloween season, it could be a great time to connect with Death or a Death Guide (Psychopomp) and become better acquainted and accepting of those fears and realities. In the end, death comes for all of us so it’s best to be on good terms with it.

For those keen on connecting with Death Guides and Deities, take a look at Part 1 of my full article on Working with Saints, Guides and Deities.

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For those looking for simple ways to show respect and honour their dead, here are some ideas –

  • Set a place for them at your table on Halloween eve or Day of the Dead
  • Include them in your workings and rituals by talking to them, or asking for their assistance
  • Add offerings to an ancestor altar regularly – this can include food, tobacco, coins, fresh flowers, fresh water or alcohol. As well as items they enjoyed while alive
  • If you do not have an altar, place photos around the home and light candles for your dead
  • Visit their grave site and leave some gifts and prayers there for them
  • Have a family get together and reminisce on old times with loved ones who have passed
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I hope you enjoyed this article and have fun reconnecting with and honouring your deceased loved ones. Remember, you do not have to wait until Halloween or Day of the Dead to honour or remember those that have passed. They are with you always.

Wishing you all a blessed Halloween Season and Feliz día de Los Muertos all!!




faq halloween
What makes Halloween Special?

Halloween translates to ‘Holy Evening’ or ‘Saints Evening’. The traditions associated with this holiday originated in Celtic and Druid times, where they celebrated Samhain. This holiday is still recognized and celebrated by witches and other magickal folks all over the world today. The festivities originally included huge bonfires, celebrations and wearing masks and costumes to ward off evil spirits. Hence some of these traditions have carried over into our current day practices.

The most special thing about the month of October is the thinning of the veils. This is a magickal time for sensitives and those who practice spiritual crafts and rituals.

What is the Lifting or Thinning of the Veil?

“The Veil” is often what is referred to as the invisible barrier which separates our world from others around us. There are of course alternate realities, death or astral planes as well as many others we are not aware of. This veil usually holds in place until we open it or possibly spirits or entities open it from their side. This happens in the instances of hauntings or other spiritual attacks.

During the month of October, right up till the middle of November – this barrier is lifted or weakened. Thereby allowing us to experience more than what we normally would through the rest of the year. The eve of October 31st is when the veil is at its thinnest. This explains the need for frightening costumes to ward those ghouls off for the night!

Easy Halloween and Day of the Dead Rituals

What rituals can you be doing during this special time? The key factor over the next month is to honour or celebrate your lost loved ones and ancestors. This can be done in any way you see fit. In this article, there are a few methods and exercises you can try to reconnect with your dead. To show respect and communicate with them. Take a look for some easy ways to incorporate Dia de Los Muertos and Samhain into your spooky season.


Eclectic Spiritual Practitioner based in Johannesburg South Africa. I focus on the Removal of Dark Entities and Spiritual Cleansing of individuals and homes. Take a look at my Magick Shoppe for some unique Spiritual Supplies.

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