Dear Client;

Thank you for choosing All Smudged Up! for your magickal needs.
Before requesting a booking for spiritual or property cleansings with me, please see below my business process and the way I work.



  • I am a mobile Eclectic Spiritual Consultant based in JHB, South Africa and I come to you.
  • My areas of expertise are Spiritual / Property Cleansing and Dark Entity Removal.
  • Being an Eclectic Practitioner, I do not follow one religion or spiritual path. I pull my practices and beliefs from various faiths that resonate with me and my soul.
  • I have been practicing for over 20 years and decided to turn my calling into a full time career in 2020. I love what I do and take my work, my craft and my clients very seriously.

*Please Note – I am a Lightworker. I do not perform dark magick, nor do I perform spell work, rituals or other spiritual work on people without their knowledge or direct verbal consent.*

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  • To begin the booking process, please send me a detailed email to start, explaining your situation and what you feel you need assistance with. This way I am able to tell immediately whether I can or cannot be of service to your case. The more info the better!
  • The next step is to fill in a client form that I will email you. This allows me to get more background information and better understand your specific case needs.
  • Once I have all the info I need, we can set up a visit.
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*Please Note – A Call Out Fee is applicable for this visit, paid in cash on the day. Your fee is based on your location. This fee is once off.

  • Ideally, I like to arrange a home inspection / consultation before we start with any cleansing. As each case is entirely different, it is important for me to get a feel for the energy and to get to know you a little beforehand. In order to fully understand your individual requirements and what you expect from my services.
  • After my assessment, I will write up and email you a quote and we can then proceed to the cleansing stage.
  • *Should you require decluttering/ home organising services, we will need to complete that before we can proceed to the cleansing stage.
  • Should you live outside of Gauteng, we will arrange for one visit (unless you require decluttering) and for everything to be done on the same day. So please allow a full day for the job to be completed.
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*Please Note – Cleansing Invoices will need to be paid in full 72 hours before the cleansing day. This is to ensure I have the time needed to prepare and purchase tools/ materials required for the job at hand. No cleansing will be confirmed without full payment.

  • The cleansing process will usually take place on a separate day and clients should allow a minimum of 5 hours to complete. The time a cleansing takes will depend largely on the size of the property as well as the size of the family that lives there.
  • If there are children in the home, they are not required to be present at the initial visit / walk through. However, ALL family members residing in the home must be present on cleansing day. No exceptions.
  • Once this is done I leave you with the necessary tools or information you will need based on your case, to move forward with a fresh start.

* Please Note – Pricing for cleansings is not a set fee, and will be based on your individual case as well as the work, time and materials required for the job at hand.


  • Due to the nature of my work, I am naturally selective of the cases I choose to take on, and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without an explanation.
  • Aside from my spiritual teams guidance, I rely on certain physical factors that will affect whether or not I accept any given case. Such as; location, authenticity, safety and costing.
  • Should I feel your case is out of my area of expertise or it is something I cannot assist with, I may have the option of recommending an alternative practitioner for you to contact at your own discretion.

*Please Note – The lasting success of any case is not dependent on me as the practitioner, but on you (and your family) as the client. I can assist you in removing what is affecting you, but it’s up to you to implement and maintain the necessary practices and advice that I share or recommend on your case.