Mirrors have long been at the epicentre of superstitious beliefs, mostly associated with bad luck. Sure we’ve all broken a mirror or dropped one and cringed at the thought of our grandmothers’ words ringing true. Manifesting 7 years of bad luck… Personally, I feel superstition, just like anything else is all about how much intent and power you give to it. Focusing on lucky aspects of a situation will certainly bring about better physical manifestations.


For example, in Feng Shui they make use of a Bagua Mirror which combines the power of a concave mirror with the power of the Feng Shui Bagua. Mirrors are often used as ‘cures’ in Feng Shui because they can offer protection for your home and ward off evil spirits or bad Chi.

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There are many different Bagua Mirror variations and they are not all used for the same purpose. The symbols on the outer ring of your Bagua mirror will describe its purpose and placement in the home.

As magickal objects, mirrors can be used for an array of other things. They are powerful tools in many crafts and traditions and can assist the user with the following –

  • Divination
  • Scrying
  • Opening, closing or clearing portals
  • As well as communication with the other side.


Another belief associated with mirrors is not to have them facing you while you sleep(*This includes having a TV facing your bed while you sleep. TV’s are essentially black mirrors)* This notion is popular among a few belief systems and traditions.

Having mirrors facing your bed, is believed to shock your astral body when it leaves to dream and travel the Astral Realms. This process will prevent the soul from properly coming and going and cause trauma or night terrors etc. If you really can’t help having one there, try covering it at night while you sleep.


On that note, covering mirrors with material or other fabrics is another religious practice that still takes place today. There could be a few reasons for this but the two main ones include, that which we stated above, as well as after a death in the family.

Some traditions for mourning require all the mirrors in the house to be covered for at least 3 days after the passing of a loved one. This is due to the chance their soul may be lingering in the house or around the family and looking in a mirror will trap the soul there for eternity. Not allowing them to move on.

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Below, I have included some easy ways to add mirrors into your spiritual work for those that are new to the craft, or just curious but simply don’t know where to start.



Mirrors have often been thought of as portals to another dimension or by some, as a literal world that mirrors ours, i.e. the place where our Doppelgangers live. I do believe there is some truth in this and that some people or entities are able to use mirrors as gateways into our space, just as we are able to use them to access different realities.

For this reason, it’s important to cleanse your mirrors. While this may not seem like such a big step, the simple exercise of cleansing and consecrating your tools should be the foundation and basis of all your rituals and workings. Especially when purchasing a second-hand item or mirror to clear any previous energies or attachments.


  • Cleansing is the first step in Protecting your Mirror. To do this you could use smoke such as incense, Sage, Palo Santo. Crystals such as Selenite or Kyanite will remove negativity from objects as well. Leave them on your mirror for 24 hours before starting with the next steps. Using Cleansing Sprays that are not oil-based is also an easy solution.
  • Your next step could include wiping it down with a water and salt solution to bless it.
  • Once this is done and your mirror is sparkling, you can inscribe the back with a protective sigil or symbol to seal it (or even a prayer if pictures aren’t your thing) and ward off negative entities or uninvited visitors.
  • Do this by painting, drawing, carving, or even printing a picture or prayer and sticking it on the back. If you have no problem with people seeing these symbols, charms can also be used and stuck on your mirror’s frame or around it as decor.
  • The symbol you choose can be as simple or as intricate as you like. Whatever resonates with you.

Here are some basic and more popular options for protective symbols and sigils below –

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*Symbols & sigils can be used on any items you’d like to protect, or items you’d like to use as protection for yourself. This includes; keyrings, amulets, jewellery, tattoos or even placing outside your property.


Mirrors can also be used in Return to Sender spells and rituals. Whereby you return hexes, curses, or just any ill intent that has been directed toward you. Your spell can be directed to a specific person or into the universe to find its source. (For when you’re uncertain as to where your bad juju is coming from.)

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  • To do this; set up a sacred space, get some candles, incense, crystals, and a photo or name of your target ( if you have that info). 
  • Cleanse your area and your tools, including your mirror. 
  • *Mirrors used for spell work should not be used for other purposes and should be kept in a box / wrapped in cloth when not in use.*
  • Next, ask your Angels/ Ancestors/ Guides / Deities for assistance in the work you’re about to do. *Remember, this is not black magick and you should not have bad intentions toward your target while doing this work. The goal is simply to return their own misfortune directed at you, back to them*
  • If you do have a name or a photo of the person, make sure to stick it on the wall directly in front of you for this next step. Once you’re ready to start, hold the mirror up in front of you facing outward and say aloud 

NAME – I now return from me to you, all misfortune you wished me true.

No ill harm or intent come to me, return to sender three times three (3×3).

Universe grant my wishes true, as now I return what’s yours to you.

Blessed Be / Ase/ Aho/ Amen / So Mote It Be”

You can say this 3 times or more *in increments of 3.


  • Another way of doing this, is to take a small wooden box and line the inside with mirrors. This is known as a Mirror Box.
  • Place the subject’s name inside the box, along with some herbs, crystals, or other items that could aid in your workings.
  • *Do some research. Placing items that belonged to the subject, or photographs of them inside would make this more powerful.
  • Recite your spell once you are done and the box is closed, visualise the subject being surrounded with mirrors reflecting all that karma back at them.
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Black Mirrors are generally used for scrying purposes. These were originally made using black minerals such as Obsidian or Tourmaline and used in Ancient Religious practices. Now though, there is a more accessible way to own one. They are super easy to make and the intent you place into them during the creation process will heighten the power of your final product.


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  • A quick method is to pick a photo frame to use in order to make a handheld mirror. Size, colour, shape, frame decor – well that’s up to you!
  • Next, take some black paint or spray paint and cover one side of the glass. You will need to do 3-5 layers depending on saturation and the paint you are using etc.
  • Let each coat dry fully between fresh layers. 
  • *Remember, the idea is not to have your glass solid / pitch black. You still need to be able to see some sort of reflection in the glass when looking at it from an angle.
  • Once it is prepared you can cleanse, bless and protect your object as discussed in the previous method. Now it’s ready for use!


  • Before starting your work with a Black Mirror it is crucial to cleanse it and your space. Once that is done, you can begin by placing the mirror flat on the table in front of you.
  • Focus on your intent and ask a question while gazing into the mirror. This is done from an angle so you can see the glass but not your own reflection.
  • Stare as long as you feel the need or until you get answers.
  • The outcome and experiences with this exercise are of course, different for everyone and it may take a few tries before you get the answers you’re looking for or to see some results.
  • Keep in mind we may not get the answers we are expecting and they may come in a form we initially find hard to interpret or understand. Just keep at it and have fun!
  • When you are done using your mirror remember to wrap it up and pack it away.
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*IMPORTANT – They say one should never look directly into a Black Mirror. These tools are best used lying on a flat surface and peered into from above. You should not be able to see your own reflection.*


Mother Moon has such a beautiful, soft energy that we as women specifically, can tap into and harness in our magickal workings.

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  • A simple way to do this is to leave your magick mirror outside in the moonlight overnight (Full moon is probably best as we are charging it.) 
  • Make sure to get the moon’s image in your mirror. It will obviously change position but ideally, you need that moonlight to reflect into your mirror as much as possible for the night.
  • Some people like to add crystals, pour special herbal teas over their mirrors as a wash, or use oils to anoint them in order to enhance the power of their workings.
  • Options are endless, but I am a firm believer that you should always follow your intuition with your magick and do what feels right to you, someone else’s recipe/ ritual is not necessarily what’s best.
  • Once your mirror has absorbed all that magickal moon energy, you can use it for rituals, consecrating sacred objects or using for spells and other workings. Moon magick is powerful stuff!

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For those interested in learning more about the Moon and your rituals, take a look at my article below.


I hope you found a new appreciation when it comes to using these fascinating tools in your craft and your everyday. Wishing you many moons of mirror magick to come!

Blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 06.10.2020


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What Superstitions Involve Mirrors?

Aside from breaking a mirror, there are a few less known superstitions involving these magickal objects. They are not simply a one-way reflection as we have become accustomed to believing. In older times, mirrors were thought of as portals or doorways to other realms. Making them dangerous in certain situations. This is why in some religions or traditions mirrors are covered after a death in the home or family. Mirrors are also believed to be able to trap spirits or ghosts inside them.

How are Mirrors Used in Magic?

Mirrors can be used for various purposes in your craft, such as return to sender spells, scrying, communicating with the deceased, portal work etc.

What is a Black Mirror?

Black mirrors are much more magickal than they appear. These were originally created from black glass or gemstones which gave them their dark reflective surface. Nowadays they are regular pieces of glass or mirrors painted black on the reverse side to give them their dark appearance. These are used mostly for scrying and receiving messages from the beyond.


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