Welcome and Seasons Greetings! With the new year fast approaching, I wanted to share some New Year rituals for releasing, purging and letting go in order to start the coming year FRESH and allow a space to welcome in some new opportunities and blessings. (I know we could all use them after 2020!) Especially with every country facing its own COVID and lockdown restrictions, the whole concept of New Year’s Eve has changed for many… where few will actually be blessed with their family and friends.


This doesn’t have to mean it is cancelled though, or that we can’t still make our New Years’ Eve count. This year it will just be a little different, and who knows, you may just take some of the exercises below and use them in your future New Years’ rituals.


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*I’ve split this ritual into 2 parts as the first section may take some time to properly reflect on and assess. The second part may be better for some in the daytime but can be a special night time ritual too, to be combined with the first if you wish.

Fire, what better element for purging, transformation and change. Its not a ‘new’ thought or exercise but it’s quick and effective.



  • Candles
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Braai or fireproof container


  • First, create a sacred space for yourself (and others if you are doing this with friends, partners or relatives etc. Great for kids too!)
  • Light some candles, put on some background music if you find this helpful.
  • Then centre and ground yourself. Address your higher self and communicate with it what you are about to do. Set your intentions for releasing and letting go of things that you no longer need or have grown out of. Ask that you be completely honest with yourself and that it guide you to shed whatever excess you are ready for.
  • When you are ready, start by writing down everything you don’t want to take with you into next year. People’s names (relationships that have ended or you would like to end), old habits, thoughts, emotions, ideals, fears, or even traumas and conflicts with people that you just don’t need the burden of anymore.
  • Basically, any negative thing that you no longer need or want for yourself anymore. Things that are dragging you down, preventing your own growth and abilities.
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  • Now, take them all (you can do everyone’s as a group together or each person individually) and fold them three times away from you, and place them in the braai or a fireproof container.
  • This is the part where you can say a prayer or some words of intent about releasing these things, such as;

“Old habits, thoughts, and emotions gone, along with those who did me wrong. Letting go of all old hurts and pain, no longer will these things remain. I now release what’s written here and make way for a blessed new year.”

  • Then light it all up and watch those babies burn! Try and use this time to focus on the flames and reflect, meditate, feel the release as your past worries become smoke making way for better things.
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Planting something is always a great representative of new life, growth and starting fresh. Sometimes simple is best.


  • Candles
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Seeds
  • *Optional – Small bag or matchbox
planting seeds, success, abundance rituals, setting intentions, releasing the old, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: NEW YEAR RITUALS,


  • Start as before with the candles, etc. Or if you are combining both rituals then please continue.
  • For this one you are going to write a list of everything, you DO want to get out of next year. Include goals, ambitions, relationships, finance, etc. Just anything positive (and *realistic) that you’d like to achieve or gain from 2021.
setting intentions, releasing the old, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: NEW YEAR RITUALS,


  • Now for the fun part, fold the paper toward you 3 times.
  • You can choose to place it or them into a small bag or matchbox. Or you can plant them in the soil directly.
  • You can also add sigils to your paper petitions, to better attract those good vibes and prosperity.
  • Now you’re going to dig a small hole, close by your front door and bury your wishes. Then plant your seeds over it.
  • While doing this you can say a prayer or mantra to welcome these wishes into your life and set your intentions for the new year. Such as;

“Mother Moon, hear my plea grant these wishes unto me. Shine bright your light upon these seeds, and bless the coming year to meet our needs. Blessed be.”

  • Last but not least, it Is always respectful to leave an offering to Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits as well as Mother Moon for accepting your request.
  • Good options are tobacco, some strands of your own hair, a shot glass of milk, coins, coffee among other things. 
  • Pick an item or two and bury them near your ritual site and verbally give thanks to all who assisted you.

Now you can wake up in the new year excited to start receiving those blessings and you can watch them grow! Don’t forget to water and tend to your seeds (wishes ;))

planting seeds, success, abundance rituals, setting intentions, releasing the old, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: NEW YEAR RITUALS,


To start the new year off right, these are some great addon’s to your money corner and relatively easy to obtain. These little tips will energize your financial Feng Shui and attract good fortune into your home for the coming year.

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  • Money frog – Easily obtained from an esoteric store or your local Chinatown. Placing one in SE Corner (the wealth area) of your living room is good for men’s careers within the household.
  • You can also place them in the North Corner (the career zone) of the living room or office.
  • These must always be facing inwards (so as to bring your wealth to you) and not out the front door.
  • Gold Pebbles- Placing a bowl of gold pebbles by the front door or in your wealth corners (obviously where they won’t get knocked over.) Will assist in attracting wealth and prosperity into your home.
  • You can purchase these directly from local stores or get some plain pebbles or smooth stones and spray paint them gold yourself.
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  • Possibly one of the most well-known Feng Shui items; Buddha’s. The Laughing Buddha specifically is highly auspicious to have in the home or business. He is known to invite opportunities of wealth, joy, abundance, and blessings.
  • There are different Buddhas for different purposes. Do research on what you are looking for before making a purchase. Or research the ones you own to see what they are best used for and what the best placement is for them in the home.
  • Placement is not only based on the Buddha and their pose but also on the materials he or she is made from.
  • In Feng Shui, each direction corresponds with an element. Placing an opposing or clashing element in that direction will cause havoc and loss in those areas of your life.
  • Having gold items in your wealth areas will only increase and multiply their qualities. Some people believe in rubbing Buddha’s belly so his wealth and joy can rub off onto you too!
Buddha, gold, laughing, Feng Shui,  Feng Shui for prosperity,
Gold Laughing Buddha
Buddha, wood, meditating, Feng Shui,  Feng Shui for prosperity,
Wood Meditating Buddha
Buddha, traditional, Ceramic, Feng Shui,  Feng Shui for prosperity,
Traditional Ceramic Buddha


  • Buddhas and other Deities should never be placed directly onto the floor as this is seen as disrespectful and being looked down on.
  • They also have no place in the kitchen or bathroom. Opinions vary on having a Buddha in your bedroom.
  • These statues should also not be placed above your eye level either, we do not worship anyone. We venerate, honour and connect with them respectfully. We are all come from the same magnificent and abundant Source.


  • These are traditionally used as money cures for the home or business. These are the gold Chinese coins with a square hole in the centre and a red cord running through them. The round shape represents heaven, while the square represents Earth.
  • You will notice they come in sets (mostly) of 3, 6 or 9 – 3 Chinese coins carry the trinity of heaven, earth, and mankind luckis considered the number of heaven luck or heavenly energy and 9 is the highest number, the number of completion in Chinese culture.
  • It’s essential to remember to display these coins with the Yang side or the side with the Chinese characters on the top for you to see. These can be hung inside the front door or in your wealth corners, buried outside the doorplaced in your wallet, used in your till etc.
Feng Shui, Feng Shui Coins, Feng Shui for prosperity,
Feng Shui, Feng Shui Coins, Feng Shui for prosperity,


  • Sigils are easy and effective magick. You can create your own or look them up online and see which ones resonate with you. There are sigils for every area including, fortune, love, positivity, protection, fertility, career advancement, new opportunities, peace in the home, etc. These can be placed anywhere you feel is best or relevant to the specific symbols you have chosen.
  • Water Fountains should be situated near the entrance of your home to encourage wealth and cash flow. They should flow inwards. (The front entrance of the home is also called the mouth of qi because it is where energy and opportunities enter our homes and our lives.) Having flowing water facing outwards will cause all your money to flow out the door.
  • Crystals can also assist in this area. Citrine is said to foster the energy of wealth and abundanceOlivine is a luck and money charm, great for attracting prosperity and career or business development. Pyrite is another one of the best Feng Shui stones for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance. Having one of these placed on your windowsill or money corner will assist in the flow of money energy into your home. If you have small versions of these stones, placing them in your wallet will also aid in attracting those wealth opportunities.
olivine, crystals for luck, wealth and abundance,
Citrine, crystals for luck, wealth and abundance,

Pyrite, crystals for luck, wealth and abundance,



  • Another nifty tip is to wash or rinse your front door or outside the front door weekly. At the start of every week, you can wipe your whole door down with a special mix of your own including herbs and oils.
  • Or you can just use plain water or saltwater and throw it over the steps, landing, or path to your front door.
  • This is symbolic of clearing negativity and allowing blessings and opportunities for the coming week/ month/ year to flow openly.
  • If your door could use a makeover, why not slap a fresh coat of paint on there and liven things up! You could use a colour relevant to the direction of your door, according to Feng Shui for some good fortune.
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This is the part most people are not keen to start. I can’t stress enough how a cluttered space or home builds up negative energies and eventually starts to affect us in various ways. Good New Year rituals should mean a clean slate and a fresh start. And let’s be honest, all good change starts at home.

spring cleaning, decluttering, decluttering south africa, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: NEW YEAR RITUALS,


  • So take this time to get rid of old, unwanted items / broken things you have been meaning to ‘fix’ but haven’t in years…
  • Get on those gloves and clean the windows, sort through your clothes and linen, vacuum the back of your junk cupboard and under your bed.
  • It’s time now to stop making excuses for not living the life you want. This is the best way to attract and make way for better things. It is time to take back control!
spring cleaning, decluttering, decluttering south africa, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: NEW YEAR RITUALS,
  • In all fairness this step can take a lot longer for some, so spread it out over a few days there’s no need to rush it or try cram a decades’ worth of spring cleaning into a weekend… That’s just asking for stress and struggles.
  • Remember, these things can be done at any time throughout the year, not only on New Year’s Eve. So take your time, get involved in the process, and clear out your space! You’ll thank yourself later.  
  • Also, there’s nothing better than donating all that stuff to charities or people that can and will actually use it.


  • Once done, take a walk through your home with some Sage, Palo Santo or incense and cleanse your space of any energetic residue so the stagnant energy can move on and fresh energy can move in.
  • Another way to do this is a Floor wash – add some Sage, salt, or other herbs and oils to your regular bucket for mopping floors and take a lap around the house with it.
  • The herbs and oils you add can be specific to any intent you have for this wash (do your research).

Happy spring cleaning all!

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Decluttering & Home Organising Services,, Spiritual Cleansing Services, South Africa,


For those based in JHB, I offer a decluttering service alongside the Spiritual/ Property Cleansings. So if you need assistance in these areas, please contact me directly to book!


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I hope you enjoyed the article and found some helpful New Years Rituals to end off the old year and carry you into the new one in love and light.

I wish you a beautiful, bright 2021.

May all your dreams & wishes come true! Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 30.12.2020


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Easy Resolutions and Rituals for the New Year?

New year’s rituals and resolutions do not have to be what we were taught growing up. The new year is a time to start fresh with a clean slate to welcome in abundance and new opportunities for the coming year. Cleaning out and decluttering your home are simple yet effective techniques to implement at the beginning or the end of each year. This way your home is cleared from the previous year and new energies can move freely.

How do I Attract Abundance for the Coming Year?

Abundance and prosperity rituals are wonderful things to do in light of the new year. They are a way to open up the door to success. The rituals or methods can include anything to attract abundance and good fortune to you. Using Feng Shui is a wonderful way to learn about the energies of your environment and how to harness these so they work better for you.

Easy Ways to Invite Good Fortune Into the Home?

Maintaining and inviting good energy into your home is not as difficult as we may think. There are a few tools you can use to raise the vibration of your space and the people that live there. These include certain plants being kept around the home, using crystals, cleansing the home and its energy through the use of smoke, sound or other methods. Consistency is key.

How can Feng Shui Help me?

Feng Shui is an ancient tool introduced by the Chinese to harness and improve the energy around us. The areas of focus within Feng Shui vary from luck or money to love and health. When the energy is blocked or over concentrated, this causes problems in our daily lives. This practice uses many tools which are readily available at your local China Mall or even esoteric shops that can assist you in balancing the energy in your own home and life, if used correctly.


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