Today’s topic is protecting and clearing your energy. Many people around the globe are, due to this year’s chaotic energies, starting their awakening process or dealing with major spiritual shifts and those are in turn materializing into their physical realities.

For many, it can be an overwhelming and highly draining time and experience. Just the day-to-day usual routine you’ve done for years could be all of a sudden too much to bear right now. This can be linked to the negativity around you or people you are in contact with. Often we take on energies from people, places, or objects even without realizing it at the time.

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A common example of this would be visiting a loved one’s grave. Cemeteries have their own vibrations made up of a combination of things such as a profound amount of grief, sometimes anger and resentment even, as well as the energies of all that rest there. They are a gateway/portal even between our world and the next. Therefore they are a hotbed of activity, even if we don’t feel it at the time. It is pretty easy to have a hitchhiking spirit or entity latch on to you while at a gravesite.

They take you in your vulnerability, your guard is down, emotions often amplified by your loss, that is when they attach. Most of the time these energies will go unnoticed by us, there’s no physical phenomena or voices, etc. But, we do feel it. In the coming days or weeks, you may find yourself feeling drained, frustrated, highly strung, demotivated, etc. These can be signs of a negative attachment.


Another good example is spending time with friends, family, and co-workers and then getting home or in the car and feeling down or agitated. Often, when around certain people we can see clear signs of their negative energy that are the same as those experienced when dealing with a negative spirit attachment. We are energy. Therefore, it’s only natural for other energies to affect or even alter our own.

Keeping your frequency high all the time can be a pretty draining exercise in itself unless you know how to take care of yourself first by protecting and clearing your energy.

*Once you have successfully done the methods in his article and are cleansed and protected, you may like to take a look at my article on Recharging Your Energy and Soul in order to bring your power back to you.


Literally, wash away the bad and replace it with good. Most people aren’t in the habit of replacing something with good energy after banishing negativity. This is an important step though in order to seal your aura up again and keep you protected so you aren’t leaking energy. Once out of your salt bath follow the steps below.


salt bath
  • Use 1 cup of either Coarse Salt / Epsom Salts in your normal bathwater. Make sure to submerge your head as well for full benefit. Soak for 20+ mins to allow the salts to get to work. Visualize the darkness washing off into the water. Focus on letting go of negative thoughts, attachments, people, etc.
  • Once out of the bath, sit quietly for a minute and visualize a white or golden light streaming down from the heavens into your Crown Chakra. Move this light through your entire body, down through your feet, and into the earth’s centre.
  • There you will find a giant Quartz Crystal anchoring your light. Now bring light up from that crystal through your body into your Crown. Once you are overflowing with this two-way dome of brilliant light, let it overflow out the top of your head and create a protective bubble around you. Infusing your aura and allowing your whole being to shine that amazing light.
  • Once you feel grounded and protected, proceed with your day and carry that light with you.

You can do this visual exercise (without the bath) every morning if you work in a toxic environment for example (or after a visit to the cemetery). See whether you notice a difference in your emotions and general reaction to things. The bath should be done a maximum of twice a week, bathing in salt too often can shock your aura and cause more harm than good. Remember, it’s all about balance.


Salt is such a powerful and yet underrated magical ingredient. Its been used by so many traditions since the beginning and is still widely beneficial in crafts today.

  • Take 4 little bowls or containers, fill with table salt / coarse salt *(Crushed Basil leaves can be added to your salt for more powerful results), and place in a row on a table.
  • First, use a smudge bundle or some incense to cleanse and consecrate these items for your magical workings.
  • Say a prayer of protection and with clear intent for protection of you, your loved ones, and your home by use of this salt.
  • Now, place one bowl in each corner of your living room, bedroom (nightmares – you can place a bowl under each bed in the house too.) or in each corner of the house itself.
  • Thank your Guides / Angels/ Deities and let the salt do its work.

*Replace these every 2 or 3 months. Dispose of in the garden.


Crystals are so powerful to use in magical work, their beautiful energies are easy to harness and benefit from. Here are some that would benefit those working in a toxic environment or to wear when knowing you’ll be around toxic or draining energy that requires some extra protection. You can also place these (or any) crystals under your pillow to benefit from their magic while you sleep.


crystal grid
  • Selenite is a perfect option for cleansing and clearing energies. This is a soft but very powerful mineral which is capable of removing stagnant energies, bringing good luck, cleansing toxic energy, protection from psychic attack and clearing the home and body of negative energies. Selenite has the ability to charge and recharge all crystals which come in its contact. Run a Selenite Wand throughout your Aura and over your body to cleanse and remove any negative attachments.
  • Obsidian is an intensely protective stone that helps form a shield against physical and emotional negativity. It’s also great at getting rid of emotional blockages and promote qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion to help find your true sense of self.
  • Shungite is a powerful purification stone. It enters into a process with the user, removing impurities on every level of being, which eventually clear through the feet into the Earth. Physically, it removes toxins from the body and supports the immune and lymphatic systems, but it also clears and reinvigorates each Chakra, extending through the energy body, from the Root Chakra upwards.
  • Black Tourmaline provides powerful protection from negativity, its male energy has the ability to block negative energy. In this way, it becomes a protector. While the feminine energy of Tourmaline is a receiver to positive energy. It works on balancing all of the Chakra’s basic negative and positive energy and also has the ability to turn dense energy (not necessarily negative energy) into light.
  • Kyanite does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. It aligns and balances all Chakras and can remove energy blockages.


  • So now you have a few options to use during meditation, wearing as jewellery or in your pockets or setting up around the home. Just remember to always cleanse your crystals before using them.
  • Even ones that cannot go in water would benefit from using incense smoke or leaving in a bowl of rice or earth overnight.
  • Although stones like Kyanite and Selenite do not carry or hoard negative energies (they are self-cleansing) it’s more about resetting it for your own energy and personal intention.
  • Using these crystals to cleanse your others is also an easy and effective option.
cleansing crystals


plants for protecting and clearing your energy

Plants, herbs, flowers, or oils – more underrated resources that have endless uses, properties, and benefits. Whether you like plants inside or outside, dried, fresh, or in oil and spray form; here are a few options that are for home cleansing and protection and bringing all-around good vibes into your space.


  • Peace in the home, the name speaks for itself! This moss-like creeper is a beautiful addition to any home or garden. They do make lovely houseplants and require little to no effort when caring for them. They say these plants will amplify happiness in the home and you will be able to tell whether your home is happy by how well it is doing. A thriving plant means a peaceful and happy home filled with love.
  • Peace Lily is believed to have strong protective and cleansing vibrations, which is why it is most often used to bring harmony to a room or place in traditions such as Feng Shui. A potted Peace Lily will grow nicely indoors in moderate light or in the garden.
  • Basil works as a protector of the family, and it helps to release negativity from the home. This sweet-smelling plant, leads the heart and conscious mind to happiness, clearing bad energy movement between the heart and the hands. You can burn dried leaves or place them under your doormat for protection and prosperity in the home.
  • Rosemary promotes love, friendship, long life, and happiness. When burned or hung above your front door, Rosemary produces powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, ridding you and your space of negative energies. Its oil can be useful in banishing and protection rituals too.
  • Sage is perhaps the most well-known protector from bad vibes and clearing your space, it comes readily available nowadays in a dried Smudge bundle or incense form. However, growing this plant in your home or outside will create a spiritual barrier warding off negative intentions/ intruders or whatever else is not invited by you.
  • Lavender aids in all rituals involving health, love, and peace. Using Lavender oils can dispel depression and will also help in controlling emotions. It is highly effective for a peaceful sleep. Growing Lavender outside your front door promotes happiness and harmony into your home and life.

*Another great way to utilize plants, herbs, and oils within your workings is in spray form. There are some wonderful recipes online for sprays for different purposes. An easy one would be to use Holy Water or Saltwater as a base and add some of these crushed herbs or oils to a spray bottle. Use around the home when things feel heavy or you simply need a pick me up.


*Those of you in SA please take a look at my Magick Shoppe page for my potent Protection and Banishing Spiritual Bath mix or some Smudge Wands and Holy Water. These are available to purchase and courier anywhere in SA – collection from me is also an option if you reside in JHB.*

These are also available to purchase through Hello Pretty.

I hope you found some useful tips here and have fun trying them out and seeing the benefits on an ongoing basis.

Blessings, Cheyenne.


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FAQ, spiritual cleansing and protection
How do I Cleanse my Space Without Using Sage?

Some people are allergic to smoke or are sensitive to strong smells such as incense or sage. When it comes to cleansing or protecting your space you can use a few alternate methods such as sound, sprays, crystals or salt.

How Do I Protect My Energy When Leaving the House?

Leaving your sacred space and going into work can sometimes cause anxiety due to the negative people or atmosphere there. Wanting to protect and maintain your energy is only natural. Some methods to protect yourself out of the home or in the workplace would be prayer, carrying crystals or protective jewellery, or carrying some salt around with you to absorb the negativity. The salt should be discarded and replenished each day.

Why Does Using Sage Sometimes Make Things Worse?

Homes or individuals carrying a lot of negative energy will be stirred up by the use of sage or other cleansing tools. Sage in particular has been used for centuries by Native Americans and other native people around the globe to rid negative energy from a space or person. It is very powerful stuff. If the person doing the cleansing is not skilled or does not know how to seal the home afterwards, this will just make the energies mad and cause them to act out further.


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