Welcome! This week I wanted to talk about recharging your energy. This stems from my need to address something that I myself have been feeling for a little while now, and from what I can see, so are a lot of others all over the globe.

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I think many of us have gotten to the point where we are tired, drained, exhausted; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are living in a sort of limbo area right now where no one is sure of what the outcome will be with our lives, let alone this virus epidemic. Each day the numbers continue to increase, the news headlines get scarier and more accessible as we are home, some working, some not. Because we are not out there, in order to feel more involved and stay on track we keep a keen eye on the news, latest social posts, etc and this adds to the fatigue and the loss of energy.

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As a collective, we are so chaotic right now. There are so many negative events happening around us, so much poverty, sickness and unfortunately for many there is death.. so as an individual, you may be thinking Well, I don’t know anyone who has it? or No one I know has died? This isn’t to say that not being affected by these things personally doesn’t still have an impact on you and your emotional and spiritual well-being. Because it does. On a global scale, we are feeling so much right now, this energy is all around us. This Fear mentality is constantly being shoved in our faces and being acted out by people all over the place. Never mind your own problems and personal issues you need to deal with, all of this weighs in and takes its toll.


Another important factor of feeling like this that is often overlooked, is the fact that we feel like we have no power and often that’s because we don’t. We give our power away on so many levels, to so many people throughout our lives and it may not affect you in a significant way when it is happening, but do it enough and it will.

  • By feeling certain things about people, we are giving them our power.
  • By holding grudges, or throwing tantrums, or basically reacting in a way that we wouldn’t normally do. Reacting from emotion. We are giving away our power.
  • By not following our calling or passions in life.
  • By putting other people or their needs before our own.
  • By passing up great opportunities because we are scared of change… 

There are so many ways in which we do this and we are not even aware of it. This can have long lasting effects because we are then constantly running on low or empty, because there are others out there holding onto our power and we gave it to them…

drained,  spiritual recharge, recharging your energy,


So what, you may be thinking, can you do about it now? Well, below are some helpful and super easy exercises to help you get started in recharging your energy and feeling more in tune with your soul. These methods are not my own, but I have done each and every one I post with success. They will assist in raising your vibration and giving you the energy you need in order to maintain your own positive outlook on things while taking back your own power instead of absorbing and holding onto the negative energies around you.

Get ready for a spiritual recharge! Enjoy.

spiritual recharge, taking back your power,



  • A Candle
  • 2x Amethyst or Quartz Crystals
  • Quiet space, music (optional)
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  • Start by holding 1 crystal in each hand, the one in your left hand should be pointing towards you and the right one pointing outwards from your hand.
  • Now focus on your breath work and the flame of the candle to get you into that calm, relaxed state. When you are ready close your eyes and imagine the energies from the crystals circulating in an unbroken stream, through your hands, up your arms, through your whole body and out the other side through the next crystal in your other hand.
  • Do this until you feel your energies shift. Even 10 minutes a day or when you feel particularly drained can be helpful.


taking back you power, spiritual recharge, recharging your energy,

This is a powerful yet easy way to bring all the tiny pieces of your own power that you have given away over the years, knowingly or unknowingly to return to you. This method of recharging your energy is about having all the pieces of ourselves in one place, this allows us to function correctly and better cope with what life throws our way.

There are many different methods to call your power back and they are not once off techniques. This is a big undertaking and in order for it to be done correctly and maintained, you will probably need to do these exercises regularly. It’s best to do some research and see what methods best resonate with you and your beliefs.


  • Create your sacred space, one where you will not be disturbed.
  • If music and candles help with an atmosphere for you, then use them. You can also cast a circle of protection around you before you begin to prevent any harm or outside energies from interfering with your work. Or simply set your intent and ask a higher power to protect you while you do your ritual.
  • Next, you want to stand comfortably bend your knees a little once you are relaxed. Close your eyes and start with your breathwork. Some people and traditions make use of Mudras or symbols as they may find it makes their work more powerful. One, in particular, is beneficial for women. You can make the sign of a triangle with your hands (see variations below) and hold this over your womb/power area as you speak. This is called a Yoni Mudra (which translates to Scared Temple in Sanskrit.)
  • Once ready you can say this 3 times out loud or as many as you need till you feel something (in increments of 3): “I call back my power Now.”
  • Between each repeat, visualize your power returning in the form of a bright white light, up from your feet into your sacred womb space and resting there for a bit. After the final time, wait and hold your power there before continuing.
  • Then repeat 3 times; “It is safe for me to own my power. It is safe for me to be powerful”
  • Your Mudra will seal in your power. Once you are done bring your hands to your Heart Chakra and end your ritual by giving thanks to the universe, a simple “Amen“, “Blessed Be”, whatever resonates best with you.
Yoni Mudra, taking back you power, recharging your energy,
Yoni Mudra, taking back you power, recharging your energy,

*Please Note: Some people report feeling physically sick, emotional, fatigued, or just not themselves after doing this. That is normal. For the next 72 hours, it is crucial to include lots of rest, water, and TLC in your daily routine. You will feel better once those parts of yourself have properly integrated again. This can take time and the results are not the same for everyone. So maintain your calm and give yourself some extra love during this time and moving forward. This will allow for easier integration and healing for those lost parts that have returned.


Grounding techniques, recharging your energy,

Spiritually grounding yourself is a very simple way to feel more present and whole within oneself, which automatically assists in recharging your energy. Again, there are so many techniques and options to choose from when it comes to these practices, but all have the same idea and result in mind.


The techniques below are easy enough to do whenever, as they don’t take much time or planning to do. These will assist you in tuning your senses into what is around you, thus becoming more present on this plane.


  • Go outside and either walk barefoot in nature or sit on the earth and meditate. The meditation technique you use can vary, but I find simpler is always better:
  • Imagine roots growing from your bottom Chakra (Root) or your feet out into Mother Earth. Making their way through the soil and deepening your connection to her.
  • Send them deep into the core of the earth, passing through many layers of damp, dark compacted soil. Feel those roots diving deep and fight something to anchor them to.
  • If you are feeling low, angry or feel the need to release any heaviness, do so now through those roots into the earth. Let her take all your negative energy or emotion and transmute it for you.
  • Once that’s done these roots can start to draw light up from the earth back into you in order to give you the recharge you need.
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  • Another way of recharging your energy is to simply sit and observe what is around you.
  • See the sunshine, smell the floral scents or earth beneath you, listen to the birds and whispers in the wind, reach out and touch the soft grass, the colourful petals; taste the season so to speak.
  • Using all your senses is a great way to feel more present and just Be. These exercises are specifically helpful for those with underactive Root or Sacral Chakras. Often just being in and being one with Mother Nature is the best medicine for our soul.


crystals for grounding, grounding yourself, recharging your energy,
  • Hematite
  • Tigers Eye
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Black Obsidian
  • Apache Tears
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Red Jasper

These are but a few options you can use for meditation, or simply just wearing them in your pocket or in the form of jewellery to gain the full benefits of these powerful stones.

Using crystals for grounding draws on the energies of the crystals you are using and harnesses it for yourself. These are great to carry on you for those that suffer from vertigo, being spaced out, not sleeping well, suffer from anxiety, and so forth. The grounding energies of Mother Earth or her crystals will assist in anchoring you to your body and allowing you to be fully present in your day to day living.


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A Salt bath once a week is a relaxing way to cleanse your soul too. Using a cup of either Coarse Salt or Epsom Salts in your bath will not only ease your muscle strains but also wash away any negative attachments you may have in your aura that are weighing you down or zapping your energy. For the best experience, make sure to submerge your head under the water and soak for at least 20 minutes.


If you don’t have the option of bathing here are some nifty shower tricks:

  • You can hang a few sprigs of eucalyptus branches on your shower head to wash over you.
  • Gently exfoliating your body with some table or coarse salt during your shower will also work well to invigorate you and cleanse you spiritually.
  • Using eucalyptus shower melts also revives and reinvigorates the soul.
  • An alternative or ‘on the go’ method, would be making a sea salt spray and spritzing yourself and your home after a long or hard day /week.
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I hope you enjoyed this article and have an invigorating week of reclaiming your own personal power and feeling more spiritually energized!

Blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 12.08.2020


Why Do I Feel So Drained?

Feeling drained, or burnt-out emotionally, mentally physically or spiritually. These aspects all need to be addressed when we have these feelings. We often turn to a change in lifestyle or diet when we are in need of an energy boost. But how many of us look at our spiritual selves and try to fill that cup? The stress of everyday life, work, kids, relationships, finance etc is a lot and sometimes we need more than the usual material things to energize our spirits again.

How Do I Recharge my Spiritual Energy?

Recharging your spiritual energy can be done in multiple ways. Most commonly people like to do mediations or grounding exercises in nature. These are the simplest and most effective ways to do this.

How Do I Call My Power Back to Me?

Calling your power back is an intentional exercise to literally bring back all the parts of yourself you gave to others over the years. This is in essence a form of soul retrieval as well. There are different methods of doing these exercises. Do your research to find a method or a practitioner that best resonates with you.


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