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The purpose of this article is to address the importance of being able to move on from past relationships completely. This is done through cord cutting, cutting karmic cords and releasing past connections that no longer serve you. This allows us to fully move forward encompassing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and moving on.


There are countless people out there who have tried to move on and start a new life from their abusive ex, cheating spouse, or otherwise toxic past lovers. Many of these people are simply not able to progress in their romantic or other relationships and start to believe the problem or the source of this issue is, in fact, themselves. They believe they are not good enough, not desirable enough, don’t deserve happiness, etc. OR they start questioning the fact that they left that partner in the first place as they don’t feel they will ever find love again…

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This is a heart breaking situation for many, as each and every soul, deserves and IS love. We have forgotten this, we have learned to take others’ opinions of ourselves, of how or what love is instead of simply trusting ourselves and our own hearts. We are all deserving of love in essence. People don’t always carry this through their lives but you will know the ones that do, they are the ones we want to surround ourselves with. They are the rare ones. For they know their worth without reassurance. They know they are divine without needing a sign, they know they are from the infinite source of all creation and have a reason to be here now. They know that no one can diminish your light unless they have given them the power to do so…

​I say this without judgment, as we have all had relationships where we undervalued ourselves, due to being undervalued by a partner. Where we have been taken advantage of or been undermined, cheated on, lied to… you name it. We give our power away all the time and with a romantic relationship we give away a very personal piece of ourselves that we wouldn’t normally give anyone else, through sex.


​What a lot of people don’t realize is that an intimate relationship is a sexual contract. Not only do we swap DNA with someone, but we also connect with them on a spiritual and karmic level whether you are aware of it at the time or not. This connection will stay with us for the next 7 years.

Imagine if we knew this when we were taught about sex at school. Imagine if we knew that every person we slept with, we would then carry that connection inside us for almost a decade! I think a lot of us would rethink our partners and our sexual experiences. We would guard that intimacy as something of more value and we wouldn’t be so quick to run toward the next encounter. 

cord cutting, energetic cords, karmic cords

​So how do we do it then? How do we take our power back and cut the cords that no longer serve any purpose? Here are a few methods you can try. I have done these myself and can personally say they are great exercises to do. But please make no mistake – the power for any spell comes from YOU. Your intent will make or break any spell. You may need to repeat them a few times too depending on your personal situation.



​A Walnut bath is a spiritual bath used in Hoodoo / Rootwork for cutting and removing the energetic cords between yourself and your past lover/s.

It is a very powerful spell and once done cannot be undone. *Please use carefully. 

  • ​Take 6 walnuts (unshelled). Boil in a pot of water on the stove for +/- 3 hours.
  • Start with a small amount and keep adding water slowly as needed, eventually you will land up with a thick black liquid.
  • ​Mix the liquid in your bathwater and set your intentions before getting in the bath.
  • *You can also set the mood / your intentions further by lighting some candles or playing some soft music in the background.
  • ​Make sure to submerge your whole body in the water, including your head a few times so that the water touches you everywhere.
  • ​* The key with this is to pray/ chant/ visualize throughout the bath the cord cutting with that person/s. Once done go about your day knowing it is done.
cord cutting - walnut bath ritual


​There are many benefits to using candles; as far as I know, all religions use them in one way or another, we also use them for celebration, to set a mood, or for spell work and setting intention through prayer.

Method 1


  • Candle – white, red, pink or black
  • Permanent marker or other khoki
  • Lighter / matches


  • ​Take a simple dinner candle, colours are important if you want them to be. In other words, if you only have a white candle, use it. Otherwise, if you can get red, pink ( symbolizes love connection) or black candles (detachment, banishing work) you can use these too.
  • Break the candle in half. This is tricky because you can’t break the wick in the middle.
  • The idea is to have 2 candles joined by 1 wick.
  • ​Write your name on one candle.
  • Write the name/s of your past lovers or anyone really you no longer want a connection with on the other candle.
  • If you don’t have enough space and need to do the exercise more than once, you can.
  • ​Next, take both candles and stand them up in a dish/ plate so they are secure and won’t fall over. 
  • Sit quietly and set your intentions.
  • Invite your Guides, Angels, or other spirits and Ancestors you work with to aid you in your ritual.
  • Next, keep in your mind the people/ person you want to remove from your life. 
  • ​You can say your own incantation or prayer if you like. This is one I have used;

“I now erase you from my heart and mind, I cut the cords between us that bind. No longer do I know your name, No longer burns this flame. To my heart I must be true, As I light these candles I say “Goodbye to you”.”

  • Now light the candles and watch them separate. As their cord is cut, it is done.
  • Thank your Guides and Angels for creating a space for you.
  • ​Leave the candles to burn all the way down uninterrupted to finish and seal your spell.
  • You may feel the need to do this more than once with some people, and that’s Okay, some connections are stronger than others.
cord cutting with candles

Method 2


  • 2x Candles – white, red, pink or black
  • Permanent marker or other khoki
  • String – white, red, pink or black
  • Lighter / matches


  • Write your name on one candle.
  • Write the name/s of your past lovers or anyone really you no longer want a connection with on the other candle.
  • Now, secure both candles within close proximity to each other on a plate so they stand independently.
  • Take your string and tie it around both candles, effectively “binding” them.
  • When you are ready say your prayers or mantra/set intentions and light the candles.
  • This exercise is helpful to see the results of your cord cutting ritual. In other words, the way the candles and the rope are burned will indicate the success of your spell.
  • Leave the candles to burn out completely (*you may want to use smaller candles for this one) Take notice of whether there are any bindings still attached once everything is done. This could indicate further cord cutting/ release work is required to fully break these energetic bonds.


​Archangel Michael ‘He who is like God” is the protector of mankind and the heavenly hosts. He has an affinity with humans and is The Angel of battle, he will come to defend you in yours, all you need to is ask.

​Here is a simple cord cutting method that you can do before bed while falling asleep. Or any other time of day where you have some quiet time and can focus. 


  • ​Light a candle and sit comfortably where you will not be disturbed.
  • Focus on your candle flame / your breath work to get you into your calm space and get your mind right. 
  • ​Set your intentions with AA Michael;
  • “Archangel Michael, I call on you now to aid me in this work. Please help me to cut the cords that no longer serve me and are preventing me from moving forward on my path. Please remove all negative or harmful connections and replace them with your love and light.”
  • ​Close your eyes and say while visualizing the following for each side of your body;
  • Archangel Michael Before me. Visualize him in front of you running his giant sword of truth down your whole body from your head to your toes and slicing through all the chains, string, cords, tentacles, barbed wire even! Removing all the connections that no longer serve you and are blocking your path. 
  • Next, “Archangel Michael to the right of me.” Do the same visualization on your right side. 
  • “Archangel Michael behind me.”   Do the same visualization behind you over your back.
  • Archangel Michael to the left of me.” Do the same visualization on your left side.
  • “Archangel Michael above me.” Do the same visualization above your head.
  • “Archangel Michael  below me.” Do the same visualization under your feet.
  • ​Once you have seen all the cords being cut on each side, Ask AA Michael to fill those voids with his love and light.
  • “Archangel Michael all around me.”   Visualize your whole being radiating and being filled up with his divine blue light of protection and love. 
  • ​Thank him once you are done. 

This too can be repeated anytime you feel overwhelmed with baggage or you are trying to get rid of unwanted connections or other energetic or karmic cords that need to be cut.

cord cutting with Archangel Michael

For more on Archangel Michael and other Angels that you may like to work with, take a look at my Ask Your Angels Article.


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​​I hope you have found these exercises useful. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback, queries, or future discussion topics.  And remember, nothing works quite like a clean break. Once a relationship is over, you can do all the spiritual cord cutting you’d like, but if you are still holding on to any physical reminders of the relationship or anything that person gave you, you are only blocking your own progress. 

​Blessings, Cheyenne.


For the next instalment, take a look at Part Two of the Relationships Series – Relationships-Self Love And Starting Over.

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FAQ, cord cutting, cord cutting rituals
What is Spiritual Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting is the process of removing unhealthy energetic or karmic attachments to others that are no longer serving you. We are all made up of energy whenever we meet someone new or form a new relationship these spiritual or energetic cords start to form between us. There are of course those who we came into this life attached to as well such as family or other soul connections that were predetermined. These are karmic cords or soul ties.

How do I Cut Spiritual Ties and Connections?

Cord cutting comes in many methods such as meditations, rituals, or even writing letters. Based on how strong the connection is with the other person such as with intimate relationships, sometimes more than one method is needed.

Is Cord Cutting Permanent?

In a way yes it is. If done correctly, cord cutting will remove your attachment, feelings and emotions associated with the other individual. This is because it allows us to heal those hurts and forgive. If we miss these steps, the cord cutting will not work. It is of course possible to reform the connection though so your own self control and boundaries will be key in sealing your intentions here.


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