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Road Opening and Uncrossing work are very popular in traditions such as Voodoo and Hoodoo. This is old magick and very powerful. The beauty of these crafts is that they make use of ingredients and tools that you either have available or would be able to find easily. Thereby making this magick pretty handy in many spells and situations for quick and effective results. That being said, you should have done your research into these faiths and have the utmost respect for their beliefs and workings before continuing or even attempting any magick of your own. This goes for any new practice you are looking into.

You don’t have to be a Voodoo or Hoodoo practitioner to use these methods. I am an Eclectic Practitioner and pull my methods from various beliefs and religious traditions depending on what works for and resonates with my own higher self. As long as you know what you’re doing and your intent is pure and respectful, magick is everywhere for us to find and use, we just need to tap into it.


The methods below are used when you feel like something is holding you back, preventing your progression or advancement, you’re feeling stuck in a career or relationship, or simply you’re just not able to break through financial blocks and life’s other obstacles. Alternatively, you may feel as if you have been hexed or cursed with long-lasting runs of bad luck.

Below are some wonderfully witchy ways to get things moving and clear the path / open the door to your true potential!


Plants, Herbs and Essential Oils are beautiful additions to your magical work. With so many options and uses, there are countless recipes available. You can use these to make Road Opening and Uncrossing oils, sprays, baths and other elixirs.



  • Anise – Purification, Unbinding, Removing negative attachments
  • Coffee – Clearing chakras, shifting negative energies
  • Hyssop – Purification and Uncrossing
  • Bay Leaves – Protection, Uncrossing, and removing money obstacles
  • Lemongrass – Clears Obstacles, Attracts blessings
  • Sage – Clears negativity, Protects your space
  • Mint – Allows for opportunity and love to find you
  • Cedar -Removing spiritual blocks
  • Horseradish – Sprinkling around the house / in corners will assist with clearing out evil spirits
  • Catnip – Attracting a lover
  • Cloves – Removing money / financial obstacles
  • Ginger– Attracting opportunities for money, wealth, finance
  • Eucalyptus – Uncrossing money and self healing


Grinding them up these can be used in tea recipessprinkled around the house, added to your floor wash or added to baths

Oils can be used separately or combined, for dressing your candlesanointing yourself or objects or whatever else you have planned for your Road Opening and Uncrossing Rituals. 

Take a look online and in reference books for some great ideas and combinations that have worked for others.


Use the Moons Magick to your advantage when doing rituals and spells to make them more potent.


  • Waning Moon is helpful with looking within, restoration work, re-evaluating our priorities, needs, and perspectives. Deciding what you want and how to achieve it. Taking rest and taking stock.
  • The Dark Moon is best suited to Banishing, Road Opening and Uncrossing work. This moon will assist with Removing the obstacles in your life and clearing the path for opportunities to find you. Getting rid of things or people that no longer serve you, and cleansing and *cord cutting rituals.

*Those interested in this can take a look at my Relationships -Cord Cutting post for more.

  • Waxing Moons are great for attracting things you want or setting realistic goals. Harness the magickal power of this Divine Feminine to bring forth your dreams and wishes. Make this a 2 part spell in order for it to manifest and put things into action during the full moon.
  • The Full Moon is a beautiful time to manifest things into your life and get fast results. This powerful energy is also great for charging your crystals and making Moon Water.
  • The New Moon is all about planting the seeds for your success. A fresh start and new beginnings to look forward to. Go after that job you’ve been too scared to apply for, do the love spell you’ve been secretly researching. The time is NOW!

*For some tips and rituals on manifestation, luck and abundance take a look at my New Year, New You article.


Hexes and curses are often what is blocking us from moving forward. It may not be specific to you but perhaps a generational or ancestral curse that was placed on your family or bloodline years ago. These things stay with you, if not dealt with they can affect everything.

One of the simpler and DIY ways to get rid of ‘The Evil Eye’ is through an egg cleansing. This is a great method for people who don’t like smoke or smudging. This method is older than you or I and is still practiced in many crafts today all over the globe. There are even certain people who practice divination through egg readings, this is known as Oomancy.

*Please note – performing an egg cleanse is not an instant fix if you are battling a curse or generational hex. It is an option and like any ritual, its efficacy will vary based on the person performing the cleansing.

evil eye


This should ideally be done with two people – one to be cleansed (cleansee) and one to perform the actual cleanse (cleanser). I suppose you could do it on yourself if there are no other options, however, you want to be able to reach everywhere on your body including around your back.

  • First, create your sacred space. Light some candles, add background music, light some incense, and call forth your spirit guides or helpers to aid you in your work.
  • Now, take an egg and run it under cold water to cleanse it. Picture the water washing away all negativity (if any) from the egg and thereby transforming it into a sponge for your work. Pray or say your intention for this egg while you are doing this step.
  • Once you are ready, as the cleansee, stand or sit with your eyes closed. If standing, outstretch your arms and spread your legs a little apart. The cleanser will run the egg over your entire auric body, starting at the head and moving all the way down over every body part, front and back till they get to the feet (don’t forget to go under the feet too).
  • While they are doing this, picture all the webs and attachments from your auric field getting swept up and absorbed by this egg. The cleanser can say a prayer, mantra, chant, sing whatever feels like the best way for them to invoke the light here.
  • Now, you want to seal the aura. This is done by using a protective oil such as Rosemary, Anise, Bergamot, Sandalwood or Sage. Rub a drop or two between your palms and then as the cleanser, run your hands over the person’s aura and seal up any holes, tears, etc. This does not need to come into contact with the skin.


  • Once done, take a clear glass of tap water (half full) and crack the egg inside. You should notice there are webs, bubbles, shapes, in the glass – these are your attachments. Sometimes we are able to make out actual figures or even faces, but most of the time it’s just seeing the physical manifestation of this cleansing that is enough and we can now move forward. I have found it’s not so important to ask, who, what, why, when… as it is to acknowledge the issue and deal with it.
  • *Beware the blood egg – Sometimes an egg with blood spots or a bloody egg will be your fate – this is a clear sign of a curse or hex (this happens quite rarely..) but if this is your result then I’d suggest repeating the egg cleanse for a few days and taking salt baths to remove this (once a week is fine.) No need to be fearful.
  • Once you have analysed your eggs, FLUSH THEM! This prevents any of those nasty attachments from trying to escape and re-attach. Now you can switch roles and let the cleansee become the cleanser.
  • Remember to thank your Spirit helpers and Guides once done.

This can be done whenever you feel tired, drained, or victim to psychic or spiritual attack.

*When trying to read your results there are conflicting opinions. Many say to read from the side of the glass, while others read from both the top and the side.

*An important tip to remember about this work is once done you may experience upheaval and change, ending of relationships, jobs, etc. – This is what you asked for. In order to be able to get where we need to be sometimes, we must shed what is no longer serving us. So be very sure and very clear with your intentions when working this magick.

*Those of you in SA please take a look at my Magick Shoppe page for my potent Protection and Banishing Spiritual Bath mix,  Black Salt  and Imphepho Smudge Wands available to purchase and courier anywhere in SA – collection from me is also an option if you reside in JHB.*

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I hope you enjoyed this article and have fun blasting through those obstacles to open the path to your full potential!

Blessings! Cheyenne.


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What is Road Opening and Uncrossing Work?

These practices stem from Hoodoo, Voodoo and Rootwork. They are used for when something or someone is blocking your path or progress in life. These methods are used to remove obstacles and negative influences standing in your way.

Will These Methods Assist in Removing Curses or Hexes?

Depending on the type of curse and where it came from, as well as how strong the magick is, these methods can assist in cleansing someone of the evil eye and other dark magick that is blocking them. Although if the subject has been under this influence for a while or things are very serious it is always best to consult a professional. If you suspect your situation is more serious than a run of bad luck, but rather a form of ongoing Spiritual Attackplease look at my article on that topic to better understand things.

What is an Egg Cleanse and How do I do It?

The egg cleanse method is very old and comes from native traditions and spiritual peoples around the world. This practice is done mostly by Shamans, Brujas and Medicine Men and Women from different cultures. It’s the process of using a raw egg to absorb the negative spiritual energies around or inside you. Methods may vary depending on where you look and who you talk to.


Eclectic Spiritual Practitioner based in Johannesburg South Africa. I focus on the Removal of Dark Entities and Spiritual Cleansing of individuals and homes. Take a look at my Magick Shoppe for some unique Spiritual Supplies.

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