Welcome! This is the second instalment to my article on working with Saints, Guides and Deities. This segment will address both Prosperity and Abundance Deities and Protection Guides. Just as we learned from the part 1, each religion or craft has its own version of these guides and you may already be working with them. Or you may be drawn to their counterparts without yet realizing it.

With so many different origins and celestial beings out there, it is hard to address everyone. So just as in the first article, I have chosen a handful of each from various backgrounds and highlighted their attributes and details below. Enjoy!

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These beings and Deities are called upon for assistance in luck and wealth or financial matters, although they may also be used in other areas. Some of the beings below are also associated with communication, legal matters, removing obstacles, fertility and wisdom. 

Keep in mind even the most powerful Deities cannot ‘make’ you win the lotto or anything else that interferes with yours or someone else’s life plan. Also, be very careful in wishing, praying, spell casting in order to gain money. Money is not just a material thing, it is energy and it must come from somewhere.

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This is often where a person’s desires overcome their moral mind and they find themselves getting what they asked for but at the expense of losing something else if not done correctly. So be very careful and clear in what you’re trying to achieve…

Quote, Oscar Wilde
Quote by Oscar Wilde


Ganesh is considered the God of Wisdom and Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth. Both were originally known as the Gods or Deities of Merchants, which is why they are traditionally celebrated together on Diwali. This is done in order to invite new wealth and good fortune for the coming year. 

Happy Diwali, Lakshmi & Ganesh, Working with Saints, Guides & Deities part 2,Luck and Abundance deities,
Lakshmi Pooja, Diwali
Diwali Festival , Laxmi Pooja
  • Lakshmi is the goddess of both material and spiritual prosperity, always depicted with 4 arms which represent consciousness, wisdom, aphorisms and ego. 
  • Ganesh is easily one of the most recognized Hindu Deities with his magnificent Elephant head.
  • He is the crusher of obstacles, big or small he will aid you in removing all that stands in the way of your goals.


Lotus flowers, fresh water, candles, incense, gold jewellery, traditional foods are also used.


(Ganesh) Red . (Lakshmi) Red and Yellow.


When using statues or pictures of these Deities – Ganesh is associated with the North/ NE direction. Lakshmi should then be placed to his right. Apparently, you should avoid placing either of them by the door or entrance to your home.

Lakshmi and Ganesh, Hindu Deities, Deities for luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,,
Lakshmi and Ganesh, Hindu Deities, Deities for luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


The Greek God Hermes which is the Roman God Mercury is associated with financial matters or monetary gain, commerce and trading, communication in business, and increasing your luck to name but a few areas. He most famous for being a winged messenger to the rest of the Greek Gods.

Hermes, Mercury, Gods of Luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,

Both of these Deities also serve as Psychopomps (covered in part 1 of this series) and are known for being pretty tricky and mischievous.  They may have a few things up their sleeve if you choose to call on them, so make sure to be clear in your requests and don’t skimp on your offerings.


The Ox, Horse and Goat.


Incense, candles, milk, red wine, beans and greens, Dill, Cypress, Crocus, Mercury (herb).


  • The worship of Mercury was introduced in Rome in the year 495 BC.
  • His yearly festival was celebrated on May 15th .
  • His days are Wednesdays.
  • Good crystal options for him would be Agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Mercury and Muscovite.
Hermes, Mercury, Gods of Luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


Catholic / Hoodoo Origin. It is important to be very clear when communicating with this Saint, the more specific your requests are the better and faster he can assist. If done right, he is known for his beautifully speedy results especially in an emergency. 

St Expedite
  • Saint Expedite intercedes in matters of money, business, career, love, court and legal matters, fertility, justice workings. 
  • Apart from his offerings, he always asks that you publicly recognize him and share how he has come through for you with others. This can be done on social media by posting pictures, praises, and hashtags, or done the old-fashioned way, in person.
  • In South America, some people hand out prayer cards on the street in his honour.


Wednesdays. He is also commemorated by the Catholic Church on 19 April.


Candles, incense, fresh water, fresh flowers, red, roses, *red wine (some say he prefers water over alcohol), coins, pound (sponge) cake.


  • Like any good deal maker, St Expedite expects half his offerings or payment upfront and the rest upon delivery of your request.
  • If you can find a statue of him for your altar, other Expedite lore advises that you flip it upside down while he’s in the process of fulfilling your request. The theory is that he’ll move quickly in order to get turned right-side-up again. 
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Although Feng Shui is not a religion, it is a practice many people around the world have come to see and understand the benefits of first hand. 

Feng Shui for luck & abundance,
  • Feng Shui is based on energy and how to get your home and business energy flowing correctly.
  • This can be done in a general sense to aid the energy flow and good Chi in the home.
  • But for the full benefits, you will need to go deeper. This by no means a simple practice, proper Feng Shui is pretty in-depth and is calculated with your Numerology and Astrology charts or Chinese Zodiac.
  • There are different versions and methods that people follow, this can also make things confusing with so many contradicting theories.
  • Sometimes it is best to consults a practitioner for a more detailed and thorough job.
  • In order to better attract what you need, be it in love, finance or health areas, Feng Shui can benefit you if done correctly.
feng shui coins, Luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Feng Shui Coins
Feng Shui Foo Dogs, Luck & abundance, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Feng Shui Foo Dogs

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For some more general tips, to get you started on the money or luck side of Feng Shui, take a look at my Article on New Year Rituals.

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There are many spiritual or celestial beings that give a sense of strength and protection. These are perfect to call on for protection of the home, individuals, spiritual attack, safety during travel and anytime you feel fearful, worried or unsafe about a situation. Look to these beings to alleviate those concerns and have faith in knowing they are with you. Always.

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Fairy house, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,

Much like we are each born with a Guardian Angel, many homes and properties also have their own Protector or Guardian Spirits. These beings are spoken about all over the globe. You will find different versions of Home and Property Guardians from various cultures, but they all have the same goal; protect the home! 

Sometimes these guardians come with the property, sometimes we invite or appoint one as and when we feel the need. It could be beneficial to try interacting with your property guardians through meditation or sitting in your garden in order to get a sense of who’s there and establish a connection and agreement with them. Once you have made contact, it’s important to show respect and honour these beings as you would any the other Guide, Saint or Deity.


  • Fairies
  • Elves
  • Imps
  • Brownies
  • Goblins
  • Gnomes
  • Elementals
  • Spirits
fairy, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Fairies / Fae
imp, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
goblins, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


  • In ancient Rome, they honoured household Gods called Lares. They had altars and offerings for them so they would protect the home and families within.
  • In Russia, they have spirits or house guardians that are known to live under their kitchen stoves. These are known as Domovoi.
  • There are many people who are sensitive to the energy of a space or piece of land. The energy of the area will determine the vibration and types of the entities who guard it.
  • This is why buildings that have negative entities lingering and protecting them, are usually at locations where something tragic or violent has happened in the past. This can even be from decades ago.
  • The buildings we live in, or in some cases the land holds onto and absorbs the energy we give off. This continues to grow whenever more negativity is added. This energy of course accumulates over time and this can be so strong it can actually create or attract entirely separate entities into the space.
Domovoi, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


They usually like small shiny things, tobacco, sweets, honey, flowers, coins.


  • Sometimes, it can be these beings playing tricks on people in their homes, as they want to let them know they’re there so they can start to work with you and better connect.
  • If you are finding things aren’t where you left them or they’re going missing more than usual – you may just have some mischievous new roommates trying to get your attention.
  • Should you find a Fairy Ring on your property, this is of course a clear indication that they are present. A word of caution, fairy rings are not to be messed around with. Ideally you should not enter them, and simply respect and leave them be.
  • Those trying to discourage The Fae can place some small pieces of iron around the property to keep them out. It will not hurt them but they will know not to come near that place. The real question here is, why would you want to?
Fairy Rings, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


Although not Deities specifically, there are many Mythical Beasts out there that are still used as protective cures or defence from physical and spiritual attacks today. 



  • These are Chinese protection symbols used in Feng Shui that are placed on either side of doorways/ entrances to buildings, offices and homes to guard them.
  • Although referred to as ‘dogs’ many say they look more like lions.
  • These usually come in pairs. Each pair consists of both a female and a male which are meant to represent Ying and Yang energy. 
  • The male dog has his paw on top of a ball representing the world. The female has a cub under hers symbolising the cycle of life.
  • It is believed that he will guard the outside of the home, while she protects those living inside.
foo dogs, feng shui, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Gargoyles, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


  • In medieval times, many considered gargoyles to be the spiritual protectors of buildings and churches specifically. They were used to scare off demons and evil spirits. 
  • Some historians believe gargoyles were inspired by the Pagans and were used to make churches feel more familiar to converted Christians.
  • These creatures can, however, also be traced back to Ancient Egyptian times and Ancient Greece.


  • These mythical beasts can not only be called on a spiritual level to assist you but are also used in practices like Feng Shui (as statues) to draw protective energy into the home.
  • Since they represent the East and fire, the best place for a Dragon would be on the East of your home, office or living room facing into the room. 
  • Keep in mind though, Dragons should not be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or closets, as they are high energy and will affect the activity in these areas.
  • Just like fairies and other mythological beasts, Dragons live in another dimension parallel to ours.
  • They can transition between their world and ours when they need to. These are very powerful and highly Psychic beasts.
  • Many lightworkers have felt the return of Dragons or the Dragon energy recently to our plane and it is said they will be part of the many that will come here to help us transition into this new Age of Aquarius.
  • There are many different Dragons out there and each one can help you in different areas of your life.
Dragons, Gold Dragon, feng shui, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Gold Feng Shui Dragon


Ancient Greece. Most of us know the harrowing story of how Medusa got her infamous head of snakes and terribly misguided reputation. She is still one of the most sought out and influential Deities out there today. Did you know she is a fierce protector and a powerful symbol of change and transformation too?

Medusa, Goddess, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
  • In certain parts of the world, like Greece and Turkey, you will still find her imagery guarding doorways and lining paths to people’s homes.
  • This iconic beauty will also aid you in your shadow work and inner healing and transformation. She will assist in shedding the illusions of this world and opening up your psychic abilities.
  • You can call on her for strength and justice too when dealing with domestic abuse cases.
  • Medusa is a powerful Female Warrior. She has a soft spot for women and children.
Medusa, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Artist- Daniele Danko Angelozzi


 Lions and snakes.


Snake-themed or snake skin items, coral, sea salt and seawater, fresh flowers, wine, sea salt, sea sand, shells, coins, incense, candles.


  • Medusa is a sea spirit, whose blood is believed actually turns to coral. If you live by the sea or are planning a visit soon this is the perfect way to connect with and honour her.
  • She is often seen as being connected to women’s menstruation and menopause cycles, as she embodies the divine feminine energy and the changes or cycles we go through as women.
Sea shells, coral, Medusa offerings, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Medusa Offerings
Medusa coin, home & property guardians, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Medusa Coin


Catholic, Christian origin. Also recognized in Hoodoo. My personal protector and go-to for immediate results. This Archangel is not only the protector of the Heavenly realms but our Earthly plane too. He is one of the many Angels that loves assisting humanity and will come swiftly in an emergency should you call him.

AA Michael


Coffee, fresh flowers, lighting candles and incense, Holy objects.


His colour is a brilliant blue.


  • St Michael carries a giant sword and shield with him in order to protect and defend.
  • He can also assist you with cord cutting and removing obstacles using his magnificent sword of truth. 
  • Michael Mass, or the Feast of Michael and All Angels, is celebrated on the 29th of September every year by the Catholic Church.
  • Remember, the Angels are not allowed to interfere with humanity’s free will or life plan. They can only come when asked and can only do as much as you ask them to (should it not interfere with your soul path).
  • Meaning; be specific when dealing with these higher beings so they can assist you in the best possible manner.
  • If something did not come to fruition it is possible it was not meant for your highest good.
AA Michael Statue

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For more on Michael and other Archangels, please see my  article below.

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Catholic, Christian origin. Also recognized in Hoodoo . This is in essence the Holy family. Each member can be called upon for many different things. 

  • Joseph was chosen by God to be the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the earthly guardian of Jesus.
  • He is the Patron Saint of the church, families, fathers and married couples
  • St. Joseph is frequently called upon to help protect families and children in times of trouble.
St Joseph, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
Joseph, Mary, Jesus, holy family,  Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,
  • St Mary intercedes to protect the family, specifically women and children. 
  • She represents purity, devotion and humility in the Catholic faith and is a powerful weapon of light against the darkness.
  • She embodies the Divine Feminine as well as unconditional love and divine mercy.
  • Jesus Christ is an Ascended Master and is the embodiment of Divine light, love, forgiveness and mercy. 
  • His other incarnations include that of Buddha and Krishna. The three of them all came to teach humanity the same divine message of love and oneness.
  • Connecting with these beings of pure light assists us in raising our own frequencies and becoming more Intune with our souls divine purpose.
Jesus, Buddha, Krishan, Protection Guides, Deities, working with saints guides & deities part 2,


  • Fresh flowers, roses, rose petals, candles, incense, holy objects, cookies, cakes, and breads.
  • Fava beans, or “lucky beans” are particularly associated with St. Joseph because they sustained the Sicilians throughout the famine.


  • Saint Joseph’s Day is 19 March and is also called the Solemnity of Saint Joseph.
  • The feast day for the Blessed Virgin is celebrated on 15 August.
  • Jesus has a few popular holidays associated with him and his life here on earth. to honour him on these days, such as during the Easter and Christmas period. A prayer of thanks or well wishes to him and a candle will never go unnoticed by the divine.


*Please Note – you do not have to be ‘religious’ to call on these or any other spiritual beings or Deities. These entities recognize your soul. Not the colour of your skin, not your background and certainly not how many times you have been to church in your life… they are simply energy connecting to energy.

So if a specific religious icon is reaching out to you, or you feel drawn to them and you are not a practicing follower – please do not let this stop you from pursuing that connection in whatever way is comfortable to you and respectful to them. Go with what you are drawn to. Let your soul and intuition guide you. Always.

I hope you found this useful and enjoy the process of getting to know and better connect with all these magickal energies.

Wishing you love, light and blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 28.01.2021


How Do you Start Working With Saints, Guides or Deities?

If you are being called by a specific celestial being, start with them. Research them and start to connect and build your relationship with them. If you are not sure who to start with, do some research on beings that resonate with or speak to you. Find out what they like and how to call on them. There are a multitude of Saints, Guides and Deities to work with.

Can I work With a Deity Once Only?

Yes, you can. These beings are not like us, they are far past human emotions or reactions. Unless you are working with Deities such as in the Voodoo Pantheon who most of which were human at one time. If you have a task that requires the help of a specific being, call on them and show your appreciation once they are done assisting you. This will maintain a relationship if you ever need their services again.

Do I need to be Religious to call on Religious Deities or Saints?

No. We are all energy, no being of a higher vibration will care what your religious views are. They see past our material world and human traits and conditions. They see our souls and have a connection with our energy just as we do with them. No being of light will turn you away if your intent and your heart are pure. Religion is after all a manmade concept.


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