This week I wanted to address and assist you in identifying the different types and signs of Spiritual Attack or Spiritual Warfare. Put simply, not everyone believes in Demons or The Devil or religious viewpoints on light and darkness. That’s okay. The purpose of this article is not to make anyone a believer. It is simply to shine a light on some commonly unrecognized signs and symptoms of spiritual attack. This is to help you take back control, be it for yourself, your home or a loved one.

Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare,

*Please note – I am by no means condoning not seeking medical help or the help of other professionals outside of the spiritual space for these conditions. This article is simply for those who have explored these other options and treatments and are still no closer to a solution.


Looking into the signs of spiritual attack or spiritual warfare is often the last resort for people who have tried to fix all the other areas of their lives, yet they keep coming up short. In our society, the spiritual aspect of our lives is hugely under looked compared to our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Although we are made up of all these facets, we are only addressing and attributing factors to the other three areas. This means one piece of the pie is seriously lacking or for some, it could even be empty… Which is what often leaves us vulnerable and open to spiritual attacks in the first place.


The symptoms and signs are not always as dramatic as they appear in our heads or the movies. Although sometimes they are. Often there are small things, changes, feelings, thoughts that appear and we do not think much of them. Often the signs are so subtle or typical of our every day, we just associate them with having a bad day, stress at work, the economy, etc. We are so used to making human excuses for the problems in our lives, we do not always notice that sometimes things are not as they seem and they could even be caused by someone you know.

Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare,


This article will not include treatment methods for these symptoms or issues, except to consult a skilled professional in your area with pure intent. The reasoning behind this is; many victims under spiritual attack or even possession are not in control. Once they start to figure out what is happening and they try taking steps to remedy the situation, (thereby evicting the unwelcome presence or cutting off a connection) this is when things start to get nasty. You can be seriously hurt or make things worse if you are not sure what or who you are dealing with. Obtaining the help of a Priest, Rabbi, Shaman, Priestess, or any other experienced Spiritual Practitioner you are comfortable with, is always your safest option.

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Those based in Johannesburg South Africa, contact me directly if you or a loved one requires assistance in these areas. I come to you.

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These types of spiritual warfare or attacks usually come from someone you know. There is not always a ritual involved when someone is cursed or hexed. Sometimes with enough ill intent and high emotion people have the ability to wish physical harm or loss upon you. This is how powerful our minds are. This is how powerful we are! Have you ever thought of something and caused it to actually happen? Or predicted something before it occurred? These are not coincidences.


That being said, these afflictions can also be passed down through generational bloodlines so you could even have a curse, hex or some type of psychic attack affecting you in this life, that was placed on your ancestors a while back. This is often the tricky part about releasing or removing curses, you need to know where they have come from before you can remove them completely. Doing routine cleansings may help to subdue these energies but it will be an exhausting exercise to maintain for long. Especially if the person remains in your life. Whoever is responsible will simply continue wishing you harm or they can make things dangerous if they are a skilled practitioner of any craft.


Because the nature of a curse or a hex will be different for everyone, it is hard to pinpoint the exact issues you may be experiencing. However, here is a general idea below. You will know if these things ring true for you and your situation or not.

  • Curses and Hexes are usually tied to objects. If you have found weird items hidden in your home or office space they may be spelled to cause you or your family harm.
  • These items can look like anything from small sealed bottles, bones, hair, fingernails or other personal objects tied together, or even loose herbs or spices thrown across your path.
  • Within the home these are usually placed in hard to find areas like inside mattresses or pillows, under the targets bed, windowsill corners, sewn into clothing, stuck behind doors, hidden under loose floorboards, or the attic space etc. Anywhere they are not likely to be found but still affect the target.
  • Living in South Africa these practices are very common and these spelled items are referred to as Muti.
curses, cursed objects, hexes, psychic attack, evil eye, black magic, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare,


There are certain signs one can look for to know whether they have been the victim of a Curse, Hex or Evil Eye. Again these are not set in stone and are just the most common signs and symptoms where no other plausible explanations are available or none of the usual solutions have proved effective.

  • Sudden decline of health – be it emotional, physical or mental issues. This is more noticeable for someone who has never suffered from any of the conditions previously. This can affect more than one member of the household at the same time.
  • Loss – loss comes in many forms. Severe financial loss, loss of loved ones, through death or relationships ending, loss of stability and security in life. Basically losing everything and everyone you hold dear. This would be so extreme you would certainly sense if there was a pattern or outside influences at play. It would be too severe to be considered or written off as being just bad luck or just a bad run of events.
  • Negative Presence – This could refer to a new heavy energy within your space, or more tension and arguing suddenly between lovers, family and friends in the home.
  • It could also lead to you or others in the home literally feeling or sensing another presence within the home that was not felt before. This is because some psychic attacks are sent with an entity to cause you harm. These more serious attacks will usually be done by a skilled practitioner of a craft or with the help of a Sangoma.
curses, hexes, psychic attack, evil eye, black magic, witchcraft, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare,
  • Nightmares- Often when one is cursed or hexed by an individual it is someone they know that is directly responsible or this someone has received the help of a professional. Some victims experience horrific nightmares and even sleep paralysis and attacks during this time, as the person responsible is tormenting them while they sleep. An upside to this situation is, you may be able to see the face of the person responsible in your dreams.
  • Generational or Ancestry curses- These are noticed when there is a specific pattern or repeating cycle within your family. For example, all the women on your mother’s side divorced young and never seemed to find real love. Or all the men die before or at a certain age… It is not always obvious but once we start talking to others in our families or researching our histories, these things will become clearer.
curses, hexes, psychic attack, evil eye, black magic, witchcraft,  Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare,

Curses and Hexes are usually where spiritual attacks originate in this day and age. They can lead to a myriad of issues for the victims and families involved. This sort of spiritual warfare can also lead up to or be linked to other forms of spiritual attack. Let’s take a look below.


When it comes to spiritual warfare or being vulnerable to spiritual attack, many are not entirely clear on the signs and symptoms to look out for. What makes it even harder, is that often these signs appear or can be explained by ordinary reasoning and it is sometimes hard to wrap one’s mind around the idea of outside forces intruding on or interfering with our lives in this way.

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Within religions such as Catholicism and Christianity, there are six recognized forms of spiritual attack. These can be traced to an individual as being the source of these attacks, by sending you harmful energies and intent. Or they could be stemming from actual dark entities attacking you directly. Which can also be the result of things you yourself have done to open up a doorway for these entities to find you.

Below is a breakdown of the types of spiritual warfare and attack and how to recognize the signs.


This is when individuals are crippled with extreme bodily pain, mental anguish or emotional turmoil. These victims are bound by their pain and torment. These extreme situations can often be linked to negative entities causing the individual physical harm while being careful to not harm the soul. This is why they go unnoticed in the spiritual sense.


In these situations, there is usually no medical explanation available. Examples could include phantom pains, itching, scratches, bruising etc. This is often when people start to lose hope and succumb to these negative influences after months or sometimes years of battling alone.

  • Physical Ailments – Unexplained bone or muscle pain, bruising, cuts, bleeding, itching or scratches. Bodily pain in organs, muscles, nerves etc. Basically, any extreme or severe pains that inhibit your normal functionality but have been checked by a Doctor and have no medical source or explanation.
  • Emotional and Mental Ailments – Severe depression, suicidal tendencies and behaviours, hallucinations, hearing voices, having thoughts, emotions or reactions that do not seem like your own. This would be hard to distinguish if the victim already suffered from depression or another condition within that area previously.
  • However, most victims will not get better on medication and will have a tougher time than most finding themselves again until spiritually cleansed. It will be a repeat cycle of bad choices and self-sabotage, led by fear.
Physical Pain, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare, Religion,


This type of spiritual attack is the loss of all that is good to you. In these situations, there is almost always an actual entity or person behind things. The goal here is to take away everything and everyone you love and find happiness in. The goal here is to leave you with nothing, this includes your will to live…


  • Decline of health, relationships, finances. While these events may seem to start off slowly, the entity or negative intent of the person responsible will always escalate. These things gain more power over us when we feed them our fear or sadness and frustrations.
  • Decline of self-worth, quality of life and personal standards. These situations take their toll on victims and eventually the stress and heartache are too much to bear. They let themselves go, they stop trying in all areas and for some suicide seems like the only option.
  • Feeling like a failure, and losing hope and motivation to live is the final step. This is often when one feels caged or cornered into doing harmful or irreversible acts to themselves or others due to extreme desperation and helplessness.
  • Nightmares or Sleep Paralysis – The victims are often influenced and controlled during their dreams states. This is due to them not being allowed to receive any rest. Negative entities will work hard at keeping you lost, confused, drained and helpless, so you cannot fight them.
  • These poor souls genuinely feel they are completely and totally alone in this world and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Diabolic Oppression, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare, Religion,


This type of spiritual attack can often seem like it is brought on by oneself. Diabolic Obsession is basically an extreme reliance on something that this person was perhaps not dependent on before. Such as drugs, sex or alcohol. Or it can also refer to victims who are affected mentally by a negative presence. This sort of spiritual attack often leads to suicidal tendencies and behaviours.


  • Addicts- Being an addict is not viewed as a spiritual affliction for most. But for someone who has never before seemed dependent on a substance or thing before, this could be a sign.
  • Drugs are a known gateway to the darker or lower-level entities who have access to this plane. Taking any sort of drug even once can open up your auric field so these entities can find you and latch on at any stage. You may find someone who always seemed in control of their habits is now battling to keep it together and their obsessions are consuming them.
  • The Mind- This sort of obsessive nature is severe and can have an impact on the subject’s mind. People with diabolical obsession often have involuntary impure or perverse thoughts that they claim are not their own.
  • These may come in the form of hallucinations, visions or full-bodied apparitions or even voices in their heads. They may also just be a constant loop of negative obscenities directed at the victim from within their own minds.
  • This is often where diagnoses like Bipolar or Schizophrenia come up. These conditions are thought of very differently outside the Western Culture and modern-day society. In more traditional faiths and older belief systems, these ‘disorders’ are mostly always linked to an unseen presence or spiritual attack or affliction.
  • Nightmares or Sleep Paralysis – The victims are often influenced and controlled during their dreams states. This is due to them not being allowed to receive any rest. Negative entities will work hard at keeping you lost, confused, drained and helpless, so you cannot fight them.
Diabolic Obsession, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare, Religion,


This instance is when you as the victim have either knowingly or unknowingly invited a negative entity in. We can do this through the use of Ouija Boards, rituals, drug abuse, summoning’s or simply not using our own spiritual discernment and trusting our intuition when dealing with spirits and other entities. This is very dangerous as you never quite know what or who you have welcomed into your space and what their agenda is.

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  • The use of tools and rituals such as a Ouija board are common gateways to the other side. Often people use these as a joke or parlour trick without being concerned about the consequences. While some may not have anything negative come from it, not everyone will be so lucky…
  • There are certain instances of victims that have never used these tools but they may be living in a home where rituals were done prior to them moving in or even living with someone who has performed said rituals elsewhere previously.
  • The use of the board is opening a doorway. One we cannot necessarily see and therefore never really know whether it has closed for good.
  • Before moving into a new residence, look around to see whether there are any weird or negative objects left behind by previous tenants. Dispose of these immediately. If you are not sure if they are in fact negative, do some research or consult a professional.
  • If you have moved into a new home rather do not take any negative objects you previously used or had around. Never allow things into your home that give you a bad vibe or uneasy feeling. This includes people, as they may be carrying something with them.


  • There are instances of children seeing entities, spirits, ghosts or imaginary friends. While this is perfectly normal and more often than not these can be beings of light, guides, guardian angels or deceased loved ones, it is always wise to be cautious.
  • These will sometimes first appear as one form and once your trust is gained and they have been welcomed in, they change showing their true form and nature. By this time things have escalated beyond control and lives will be affected or at risk.
  • Sometimes, these things can be picked up on by the parents if they are aware. Never shut down your child if they are showing signs of communicating with a presence you cannot see. It is important they feel comfortable enough with you and your reaction, in order to share what is happening so you can keep an eye on things. The minute they are being told to keep secrets from you, lie to you, hide things or just behave in a negative, fearful or harmful way – this is a clear indication of a dark presence.
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  • Signs of a Demonic or other negative entity can vary based on who that entity is. The easiest way to tell if you have invited something in is to notice the energy in your home, whether you feel another presence, whether you are seeing, hearing or experiencing anything out of the ordinary, things that do not sit well with you and others in the home, people or animals acting weirdly or doing things they usually would not.
  • No being of light will ever tell you to do things or act in a way that is harmful to yourself or others. Please know this so you can pick up on any warning bells early. Especially where children are concerned.

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For those interested in learning more about using your own spiritual discernment in these situations, take a look at my article below.

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This sort of situation is often what we see in the movies. These are the instances where land, property, objects or even animals are taken over, latched onto or consumed by a dark presence. These are the instances of cursed objects, haunted homes and weird or unexplained animal behaviours or deaths.

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  • If the entities are attached to the home, you will notice heightened activity upon or shortly after moving in or starting any renovations. These sorts of activities will cause upheaval in the environment for the entities present.
  • Young children or babies moving in can also be a huge trigger for any lingering spirits or entities within the home.
  • More often than not these are the properties that are haunted with spirits of the deceased that can be malevolent and violent in behaviour. But sometimes there are darker forces present.
  • These could be lingering from old tenants, certain practices or they could have been attracted to the negative energy of the house or the land itself. Thus making the property a portal or doorway for these and others to come and go as they please.
Diabolic Infestation, hauntings, haunted house, paranormal, ghosts, Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Warfare, Religion,


  • If the entity is attached to an object, you will notice it shortly after bringing said object or item into your home. Things may start slowly but keep an eye on any suspicious activity. Not all haunted or cursed items seem dark or mysterious. They can be simple possessions that belonged to negative people and still carry their energy or intentions.
  • Most people assume the best way to get rid of the entity in their home is to dispose of the dark object that brought it there in the first place. This is not always the case and often it can make the entity very angry and the situation worse.
  • The manner of disposal will also depend on the type of object and its history or purpose. Moving house or getting rid of the item is not an effective solution as these beings can and will follow you or you run the risk of them attaching to you directly to keep you there.
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  • In these instances, you will be hearing, feeling and seeing things. Whether they are full-bodied physical apparitions or entities in your nightmares. There will be a very noticeable presence in or around your property.
  • Animals especially dogs, cats or birds behaving erratically or out of sorts, will not come into the home, growling or looking fearful for no reason, suspicious or multiple deaths in a short space of time.
  • You may start experiencing distinctly unpleasant smells with no source around the home or maybe only in certain rooms.
  • Others no longer want to visit the property or come inside the home. While you yourself or those affected by the entity, may feel a weird attachment or even have a hard time leaving.
  • Your mood, thoughts, self-worth or vitality levels improve when you leave the property or item in question.
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While for many the idea of possession is far-fetched, it does happen and mostly not to the degree we have seen in Hollywood. Demonic possession is when a dark entity or Demon takes over the physical body with the goal of taking the victim’s soul. This is a harrowing and highly traumatic event for the victim and the family involved. It can last days months or years if not addressed. This is often the final stage of the above symptoms. Or it can be spiritual warfare/attack all on its own.


While the entity will differ from person to person, the symptoms of demonic possession are easily picked up on if one knows what to look for.

  • It all starts with a change in behaviour. The first signs of true possession are usually associated with a change in the person’s behaviour. These changes can be anything from subtle signs like suddenly avoiding eye contact, being enraged by silly things, basically behaviour or reacting to things in a way that is unnatural for the individual on a typical basis. Being that they start off so very slowly, these signs are often easily missed until they have escalated and resulted in another presence completely taking over. It is often the ones closest to the victim such as family, who are able to spot these irregular behaviours before they get out of control. Trust your gut.
  • An aversion to any holy objects is a clear indication, but not everyone affected will display these signs too early in the ordeal. So by the time you do pick up on it, it has gone on for way too long and the demon has a hold on the subject. By ‘aversion’, I do not mean someone who was never really religious or interested in holy objects previously. I mean the victim shows physical signs of aggression, emotion, discomfort or agitation at being in the presence of anything symbolising sacred or holy items and beings regardless of the religion.
  • Another sign could also be the victims features changing. This is not a very common occurrence but sometimes you may notice a difference in the persons eyes, voice or physical mannerisms. They will not be growing horns or claws anytime soon though 😉
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  • Victims may also experience unexplained blackouts where their bodies are still conscious (they are talking, walking and even responsive to questioning) but they have no memory of their behaviour or any interaction during these episodes. They check out and the entity checks in so to speak.
  • Not all Demons are powerful or high up. Some are pretty low-level beings and these are the ones that usually like to play with us humans. When we are feeling weak or vulnerable in any way, they are able to feed on our misfortune and gain entry. These entities are very clever and they love to play games and tricks. So you may feel like you are going mad. Trust your gut. Seek help.
  • Other signs and symptoms of possession include all the above we have spoken about today. One may experience one or all of these symptoms leading up to a physical possession.


So you can see now why it is not always clear enough to notice or diagnose these things when they are right in front of us. Especially when as humans we always tend to go for the most logical explanation. Spirituality is not logical it is faith, energy and intent. It is sometimes noticing what is not there for others. Each individual’s experience with these situations will vary but maybe now you can identify these signs of spiritual attack and act before things get serious.

Blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 09.04.2021


What are the Signs of Spiritual Warfare/Attack?

Signs of spiritual attack or spiritual warfare can vary based on the type and source of the attack. Should you feel yourself or a loved one is under psychic or spiritual attack such as in the above article, please consult a knowledgeable professional. Seek help ASAP.

What are the Different Types of Spiritual Warfare/Attack?

Within the Catholic faith, there are six main types of Spiritual Warfare or Attack. These are – Physical Pain, Diabolic Obsession, Diabolic Subjugation, Diabolic Oppression, Diabolic Infestation and Demonic Possession. These can be linked to or stem from curses and hexes sent by individuals to harm the target and their families.

How does One Prevent or Get Rid of Spiritual Attacks?

Experiencing symptoms means you are already far along in your attack, the ball is already rolling…
The best solution is to find an experienced Practitioner or Priest to assist you in removing these entities. Preventing spiritual warfare means kicking your protection barriers up a notch.

You could do this by calling on a higher power to protect your home and your loved ones daily, sit in prayer or meditation more often to reconnect to Source. It also means being more positive and uplifting. Keeping your vibration high and focusing on the good, counting your blessings, living in a space of love, gratitude and mindfulness daily – these things all assist in maintaining a higher frequency. Which makes it harder for negative beings to attach to us or seek us out.

How do I know if I am Cursed?

Signs of spiritual attack or spiritual warfare such as cursing, hexing or the evil eye can vary. Although you should notice an underlying pattern with these things. In order to get to the root of your spiritual affliction, you will need to look at the different types and signs of spiritual warfare/attack. In this article, we discuss what to look for and how you may be affected.


Take a look at Part 2 to this article below, explaining some common Spiritual Attachments.

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