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The use of sound in spirituality is a little underestimated today. Many religions and spiritual traditions around the world practice their rituals by utilizing sound in different variations. Such as; Prayer, Singing, Chanting and the use of certain instruments or background music.

Lets investigate these for a minute;


Words have power. For those of us that started our journey within Christianity or the Catholic faith, the Phrase “Ask and you shall receive” is a well-known reminder, that we often unintentionally create our own realities with our own thoughts (the power of intent) and the power of our words. On the other hand; we as a society, greatly undervalue the power of our voices and often we dishonour ourselves by not speaking our truth or saying what we feel is right. This can lead to the closing of our Throat Chakra and for some even physical health issues in the Throat or Gut/ Solar Plexus (place of power) areas.


Have you ever said something and as soon as it escaped your lips, you wished you could suck it back in? As if it never happened? Or, have you ever said something that made someone smile when they were having a really bad day? This is because the minute words are said aloud, we realize just how powerful they can be. Words can either be weapons or gifts. If we truly were able to put more thought and value behind the words we use, just how powerful do you think you’d be?


By repeating words or phrases, they have the power to assist with raising or lowering your vibration. Using certain chants/ affirmations/ verses and even prayer during meditation will assist in your own spiritual journeys toward inner enlightenment. These are of a higher frequency and are an easy way to raise your energy and align your Chakra’s. There are certain words that when repeated will assist with each Chakra individually as well. Doing research into Mantras or Buddhist Chants will give you more info on these and which ones you should use for what purpose.


Another great way to utilize sound in meditation is the use of instruments such as; Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Rattles, Rain Sticks, and Drums. Of course, there are many more instruments and it really depends on what resonates with you. But these are some that are proven to shift your energy as well as the energy of your home and clear your Chakra’s and aura from negativity. You can use them in the form of background music, or you can use the instruments on a partner and get them to do the same to you. Lie down, and let the sounds vibrate over each of your energy centres to clear them out. From ancient times these instruments were used in ceremonies and healing rituals to rid people of negativity and sometimes evil spirits.

Listening to Dolphin and Whale sounds while meditating or falling asleep will also bring about this shift inside you and open you up to the wonders of the deep, blue oceans. In times when you can’t go outdoors to meditate, music with nature sounds are highly soothing for our souls. These will have the same effect of grounding us to this plane so that we are better able to cope with what’s thrown our way.

Now that we know some great examples of Sound in Spirituality, take a look below for some effective and simple exercises to get you started;


Native American Sound Journeys are powerful tools in leading you on that inner path toward Self and Source.

  • The idea is to get comfortable and lie down or sit. (Whichever you can do for about the next hour). The track should be loud enough to feel in your physical body. These are magickal ways in which to let go and take the time to explore your inner selfreleasing trapped blockages and healing old wounds.
  • There are many sound journey meditations online that you can try, most Native American ones consist of a lot of drumming to create that shift you’re looking for. Others will have some of the instruments I mentioned before. It’s all about creating that movement both inside and outside of you. Many emotions come up in these exercises so whatever comes be it tears or laughter, just be and let it happen.
  • Another way to go about this is to do it with a partner or even a group. The group will be meditating while one person uses the drum or other instruments over / next to the person to give them the desired effect. Or one person can meditate while the group plays the instruments for a more powerful experience.
sound in spirituality, sound journey, drumming

*Always make sure to place a light blanket over your legs or wear some comfy socks when meditating for such long periods. Our body temperatures naturally cool when we are in that relaxed space, so you want to be warm and comfortable to avoid losing your concentration and disrupting your rituals. Don’t forget to hydrate well after!



All Religions have their own sacred texts and songs. Saying / Singing these aloud while you meditate or as you go about your daily tasks, will elevate your energetic frequency and help to attract more positivity in and around you. Driving or sitting in traffic is a perfect example of the time to do this, a time when all of us have felt or been the victim of road rage. A simple exercise of repeating “AUM/OM” while driving is a great way to uplift the energy on the roads and arrive at your destination in a wonderful mood!


There are also prayers to aid in protection, safe travel, emotional support, and healing if you know where to look. The Bible is possibly the most well-known ‘Book Of Spells’ we know on a global scale. People have forgotten the power of Its words, but often by repeating or just reading aloud verses such as those in Psalms it invokes a higher energy because we are verbally reaching out to one. Although I am not of any one religion, I do have the utmost respect for these texts and scriptures and have personally experienced their power. Each one we explore will bring us closer to our own truths.

  • I like to light a candle on my altar and sit quietly for a moment to thank and greet all the energies I work with and that assist me day today.
  • If you praying on behalf of someone else, picture them. Do this until you have a clear image in your mind’s eye or place a photo on your altar if that’s easier to focus on.
  • If it’s just for yourself then you can start when you are ready. Go through the verses that resonate with you, the ones that speak of what your intent is (healing/ protection, etc) then say them aloud as if you are literally talking to someone in front of you. You can choose to repeat one or to read many, but your intent will secure your results.
  • Once you are done, thank all your energies again and end your prayers, notice whether you feel a bit stronger or more uplifted. Do this as many times as required to get your results.
prayer and meditation


Most people think of meditation as the act of being silent. When in fact, it’s about just being in that moment completely. Whether you’re dancing the night away or simply sitting outside looking at the birds, it’s about being completely present at that moment and taking in everything that comes with it. Utilizing all your senses. One can meditate and go deeply within to trance states while chanting or even singing. It’s about using the right materials.

Native American Flute

Personally, I resonate deeply with Native American music. I have a collection that I know well and find it a totally different experience to sing along while I meditate to those songs. Other options to sing along with that will raise your vibration are; Tibetan Monks Chanting, Religious / Angelic Choirs, The Call to Prayer, Celtic Songs, etc. Once you start you will notice literal vibrations travelling from your throat/voice throughout your body. This will unlock deeper shifts within.

Your voice is YOUR instrument, use it!



Instruments/ music/ singing/ words – all can be used to rid you or your space of negative / unwanted energies. Not everyone is comfortable with Smudging their space or Praying aloud, that’s okay.

Walking through your home with a singing bowl or some bells and a rattle will do wonders to shake up the stagnant energies that have built up.

  • Start at the entrance of your home. Open all the doors and windows so that whatever energy is there can move on freely.
  • Set your intentions beforehand and then use your instrument in each room. Make sure to spend enough time there and to be thorough.
  • Make your music inside the cupboards, in every corner, under the bed, in the shower. Wherever energy can ‘hide basically’. This method is particularly effective in buildings that are abandoned or rooms of the house you never use and have little to no activity.
  • If you do not have any instruments, simply walking around and clapping your hands in these areas instead will do the same thing in moving stagnant energy.
  • Make sure to do a full circle ending right at the entrance of the home where you started.

Our bodies are wonderful tools for so many spiritual practices, we just need to know how to use them.

sound in spirituality, Tibetan tiger bells

sound in spirituality

I hope you all enjoyed this article and have a bit more appreciation for your own sound as well as exploring the use of sound in your own spirituality.

Blessings, Cheyenne.


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FAQ, Sound in spirituality
Why is Sound Important in Spirituality?

There are many methods of incorporating sound into your spiritual practices. In religion these include singing, chanting, prayer, instruments etc These high vibrational sounds alter and raise our vibrations when we use them. Allowing us a deeper connection to our faiths and to Source.

What Ways Can I use Sound in My Spiritual Practices?

You can incorporate sound in the form of background music, praying, chanting or using certain instruments and tools in your spiritual workings. Using singing bowls or drums for example are wonderful tools for trance in meditation. The Native Americans refer to this as a Sound Journey.

What Sounds or Music are Best for Raising Your Vibration?

Using music at different frequencies will assist in raising your vibration by removing and clearing negative energy and even activating certain Chakras. Listening to meditations or music that is 963 Hz or 432 Hz frequency are both great options to try.


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