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Let me start this article by saying, every single person has had or will have a spirit attachment at some point during their time on Earth. It is inevitable. As humans, we are vulnerable to so many things we cannot even see. To make things worse there are many who do not believe in such things, thereby making it impossible for them to get rid of something they are not even willing to acknowledge. For some, seeing is believing, but what happens when you cannot see something yet you know it is there? What happens when you are experiencing things beyond your human mind to which there is no logical explanation?

Well, spirit attachments fall under this category for many people. But, because there are so many variables and different factors to consider with each individual, it is often hard to determine the root cause or the type of spirit involved. We therefore, brush these things off as ‘bad luck’ or ‘life’ when in fact, if we knew the signs we could be freeing ourselves and living our lives in a much better way.

*This is certainly not to say that everything bad that happens to us is a direct result of a spirit attachment. Naturally ,spirituality like religion, can’t be blamed for our problems or possibly, poor choices. But for some, Spiritual Warfare is a very real reality.


When we experience paranormal or supernatural situations, we are not always sure who to turn to or where to find genuine support, solutions or acknowledgement. We are often forced to question ourselves, our sanity and even our reality, in a way that is not always understood by others. So, it’s only natural to feel frustrated, scared, triggered and possibly overwhelmed and even isolated, as you haven’t yet found the assistance, answers or solutions you’ve been looking for.

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There comes a time for many that are victim to spiritual attacks, who find they need more than just prayer or positive thinking to turn things around. They need answers and solutions. They need real and effective help. Which is often where my services are sought out. I’m usually contacted when people feel they may have tried all other options. They’ve seen Doctors, Therapists, Healers and some have sought religious counsel too. While things may improve or change for a while, it just doesn’t last long term.


My personal mission and goal, is to offer this assistance to you in the form of my spiritual services, or at least shed some light on things within these blog articles. This knowledge then gives you the power to deal with things in the most effective ways possible and reclaim control over your life. So, if you’re here, if you’ve found my site, it’s for a reason.

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The first step to understanding something is doing your research. Especially when it comes to protecting yourself against an enemy or parasite. That is essentially what spirit attachments are; energy parasites that drain your energies both spiritually and physically.  While we cannot go through every single type of spirit attachment one could possibly encounter, below I will discuss the most common ones and how one would recognize or most likely be affected by their influence.



Before we start identifying the different types of spirit attachments, I would like to clarify the difference between spirit attachment and possession. Spirit attachment is NOT possession. The spirit or entity in question does not take control of the host or physical body. Spirit Attachment is where spirits or other negative entities attach themselves to your auric field, astral body, physical body or places and things. This way they can drain you, tempt you, obstruct you or negatively influence your thoughts and emotions etc. These situations can often lead to a full blown possession but the two do not have to be connected.

Therefore, Spirit Attachments would fall under the following categories of Spiritual Warfare:

  • Spiritual Oppression
  • Spiritual Obsession
  • Physical Pain
  • Spiritual/ Diabolical Infestation (if related to property or objects)
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The Types & Signs of Spiritual Attack/ Spiritual Warfare, spiritual blog and advice, allsmudgedup.com


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The first and most obvious type of spirit attachments are ghosts. While ghosts cannot possess an individual, they can attach themselves to people, animals, objects or places. Most times people experience any sort of paranormal activity, they immediately assume it’s stemming from the home they are staying in.

Just because physical things are happening in the home, and maybe others are affected too, doesn’t mean the entity is not attached to you or another individual living there.

These sorts of attachments are often referred to as ‘Hitchhiker Spirits’ as they can attach anytime, anywhere and you may not realize it until much later.

Ghosts can also attach themselves to items and physical or sentimental possessions they owned while alive. This is why it is important to not only spiritually cleanse your new home but also any second-hand items or gifts before bringing them into the home. Especially those belonging to deceased individuals and family. Everything has a history and you never know what it may be or bring with it.

Ghosts as spirit attachments are not always negative or malevolent however, sometimes our own family or deceased loved ones can also attach to us while trying to offer support during our grieving. Unfortunately, while their intentions may be with love, this can end up doing more harm to us than it does good as they are draining our energy regardless. Something important to remember about our ancestors or those we love who may pass before us – even if they cross over to the realms beyond, they can still lend you their support and love. They do not need to linger between worlds, or to bind themselves to you in order to protect or care for you. Sometimes they need you to let them know it’s ok to move on.

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Communicating with spirits, spiritual blog and advice, allsmudgedup.com


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The spirits of peoples ancestors can also be sent to cause harm or inflict pain on you and your loved ones. In many older traditions such as those in Africa, ancestor spirits and zombies play an important role in their craft and beliefs. These spirits can be summoned and sent by practitioners to do their bidding. Usually causing suffering, obstacles or hardship for their victims.

Besides apparitions and hauntings, spirits can present themselves in various ways. Here are some of the more (often overlooked) physical signs of ghostly spirit attachments:

  • Experiencing an overwhelming rush of sadness out of the blue
  • Sudden pressure, heaviness or pain over the heart, chest, back or neck area
  • Sudden and severe headaches or brain fog
  • An impulsive desire to self-mutilate or cause self-harm
  • Random but extreme grief or depression for no apparent reason
  • Constantly feeling drained and exhausted
  • Having feelings or thoughts that seem to belong to someone else / don’t fit your character/ go against your values or beliefs
  • Behaving unlike your usual self with no normal explanation
  • Possible nightmares
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Contrary to popular belief, a Poltergeist is not a ghost. These are in fact physical manifestations of extreme pent up negative emotions and energy coming from a living person. This explains why most Poltergeist activity is experienced where teenagers are present in the home. Due to heightened emotional and hormonal energies, it is often the teen themselves who manifests this entity through extreme rage, anger, depression, trauma and other suppressed emotions. These heightened emotions are then literally made real in the form of an entity as a result and they act of their own accord, running rampant through the home and terrorizing the family.

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*This is not to say these entities are manifested exclusively by moody teenagers 🙂 Anyone with enough rage, trauma, or pain can cause a Poltergeist to materialize at any age in their life. Its just much more common to do so during puberty.

These usually manifest as shadow forms. Unlike Shadow People, however, they are a lot more active in the home by making noises and actively trying to scare you. These entities want to be noticed, they want attention. Poltergeists feed off of negative and high energy emotions be it fear, depression, anger or even pent up sexual energy. They will be most active within homes that exhibit/ promote these energies and they will create situations in order to increase and stimulate high tension situations between members of the household.

These are perfect examples of entities who will just follow you if you leave the home in question. Because they do not come from homes, they come from people.


Contrary to the misguided opinion – Shadow People / Beings are NOT, nor were they ever humans at any point. These entities are dark forces, spies and instigators who observe, they do not speak. Ever. Often when one is plagued by shadow entities they will see shadows in the corner of their eye, feel a presence in the room/home and they often prefer the lights to be on whenever possible. Shadow Beings are scared of light and will not show themselves unless there is darkness for them to hide in or retreat to.

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These spirit attachments also feed off our negative emotions, specifically our fears. While some may be bolder than others and will present themselves to you or not shy away when you first see them, most will disappear and not engage. Many appear simply because they enjoy knowing you know, so they can feed off that fear when they’re in the room with you. They like to play games like that.

These beings are often found in homes where other negative activity is already taking place or where there is a history of negative events, traumas, conflict, drug abuse etc. They are drawn to dark situations, people and places as these frequencies make it easier for them to manifest.


The Djinn / Jinn stem from Arabic and Muslim cultures. They are beings made from smokeless fire, hence where the genie symbolism comes from. Not human but not quite Angel or Demon either. These are supposedly neutral beings who can be swayed or trapped to do a sorcerer’s bidding. Among the Indian and Middle Eastern cultures, black magick is prevalent and many still believe in and suffer from Djinn afflictions and attachments today.

There are practitioners who send these entities to you or your home to wreak havoc and even cause illness and death in the family. There are a few types of different Djinn though and they can all change shape and present themselves differently (just like demons) which makes it hard to know what/who you are dealing with. These creatures are known to be compulsive liars… you cannot trust anything they say, not even when they tell you their names.

The Djinn are sometimes attracted to humans romantically and in these cases, they will pursue the victim and attach themselves, without necessarily requiring you to consent to anything. These beings have been known to mate with humans and they are often culprits in Spiritual Spouse agreements.

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Africa, India, the Philippines– these are just a few examples of places/cultures where there is a firm belief in Spiritual Husbands and Wives. These are very negative beings who like Succubus / Incubus feed off of your lower Chakras and sexual energies. They are not human.

The sole purpose of these spirit attachments is to own you so that you cannot form any long term or healthy relationships with the opposite sex. Although the origin of where you contracted the entity may vary, the symptoms one experiences are much the same when suffering from a spiritual spouse.

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These symptoms can include –

  • Repeat relationship issues or toxic cycles – These creatures will do anything they can to prevent you from being with someone else in a romantic or healthy way.
  • Sexual nightmares/dreams
  • Waking up feeling sexually violated
  • Sudden/drastic change in sex drive
  • Inability to form healthy or long term relationships with the opposite sex/people of interest
  • Fertility issues, impotence, problems with reproductive organs, menstruation issues etc

These beings feed off your 3 lower Chakras –

  • Solar Plexus (your power centre and intuition)
  • Sacral Area (your sexuality, fertility, creativity, motivation, desire)
  • Root Chakra (responsible for grounding us, desire to participate in life, drive, and financial attitude)

Chakras, Part 1 - Chakra Basics What you need to know, Spiritual Blog & advice, allsmudgedup.com


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Everyone, I’m sure has had nightmares at one time or another. It’s when these ‘dreams’ start affecting your waking life that you have a problem. Sleep or Dream Demons are very real and there are many possibilities when trying to determine yours. These spirit attachments have existed in cultures since before the time of Jesus Christ. They predate religion and are prevalent in many of the older texts and belief systems, yet people still brush them off as childish fantasy or imagination.

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You will know if you have a dream or sleep demon based on the following symptoms –

  • Excessive nightmares
  • Constant sexual dreams and nightmares
  • Fear of falling asleep
  • Sleep paralysis episodes/attacks
  • Sudden/drastic change in sex drive
  • Waking up with unexplained physical marks/bruises
  • Waking up feeling sexually violated
  • Sleeping all night and waking up exhausted and drained
  • Sudden and unexplained problems with fertility, impotence, menstruation, conception etc

Some people who have dream demons can remember their dreams in detail and see the face of or interact with the entity that is plaguing them. While others may never remember dreaming at all, they just have the physical signs and the eerie knowledge that something bad is happening while they sleep.

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These are an interesting and yet subtle bunch of spirit attachments with very little information available about them. Personality Spirits come to disrupt your own self-worth, abilities and personal beliefs about yourself or your life. This is what makes them difficult to identify. In a person who suffers from depression or mental illness, these spirits can run wild! These are the negative and often lying voices that fill our heads with warped truths about ourselves, situations or the people we love. These attachments take great joy in being mistaken for something such as a chemical imbalance in the brain so you can continue your entire life not even being aware you are affected by something outside of yourself. Something that you could in reality be free of if you simply were aware of its existence!

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These attachments are invited to stay every time we listen to them… every time that horrible voice tells you “You’re not good enough. You’re never going to make it. You’re a burden to everyone in your life. You should just end it already; the world would be a better place…” you are allowing it to strengthen its hold on you. Thereby enforcing these ungodly ties by believing a voice that is not your own, but it wants you to think it is.

Perhaps you have been hearing and listening to it for so long now, that you have come to believe it is in fact your inner voice, higher self, soul or even ego? These misguided thoughts are always lies, and your soul or higher self would never tell lies. If you were not meant to be here during all this, you wouldn’t be. It’s that simple. You’re here for a reason and there are evil forces who do not want you to find out why or to fulfil your soul mission.


In many cultures around the world, mental illness is associated with, if not linked directly to our faith and our spirituality, or lack thereof. This means that according to these cultures, mental illness and other chronic disorders are seen as stemming from either great spiritual disconnects or suffering a spiritual attack. While this may be viewed as naïve and even total madness for us in Western Society, there are recorded cases all over the world where people are relieved of their chronic afflictions after just a few spiritual sessions. Or for some, it just takes one session. These same people spent years in therapy or on chronic medications before this with minimal to no improvement.

While I do believe certain mental and physical health ailments can improve or be better managed through the help of medication, these alternative viewpoints are definitely food for thought in a society where darkness is prevalent, spirituality is questioned and medication is dispensed like candies.

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Everyone knows about demons or devils. These are probably the most widely known and feared spirit attachments and every religion has them. But how often is one actually affected by a real demonic entity? Well, in my personal experience they are more prevalent than we have been led to believe. These entities are not just waiting around for you though. The myth is in fact true – demons need an actual invitation to attach to you. Although there is a misconception about what an invitation really is…

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Just to clear the record here are some ways you or a loved one could have invited a demon into your home/life without necessarily meaning to do so –

  • Summoning/Invocation /Evocation – these are the obvious and wilful ways in which we invite an entity into our home, life or body. If not done by you directly, this could have been done by someone else wanting to inflict harm on you, or by someone you live with that has done these rituals in the past, or even by previous tenants/owners of your home. If the rituals were not closed off properly, residual energies and even portals can remain open. Thus, creating a doorway for anyone to enter. And Yes, people can act as portals too…
  • Using known gateway tools such as Ouija Boards and other occult games to communicate with spirits or the beyond.
  • Excessive use or abuse of sex, drugs or alcohol – these are low frequency acts when misused or abused. Alcohol and drugs create holes in our aura, making us especially vulnerable to low frequency beings.
  • Sex connects us energetically to another, allowing energetic cords to connect you, swapping the good, the bad & the ugly. *STDs aren’t the only thing to worry about when choosing a sexual partner. “Spiritually/Sexually Transmitted Demons” are very real, and they attach through intercourse.
  • Hanging around with others or frequenting places where attachments are present/already exist – such as graveyards, sites where deaths or trauma have occurred or known haunted/abandoned/low vibrational spots.
  • Listening to low-frequency/negative/depressing music.
  • Watching low-frequency/ negative entertainment excessively such as; porn, murder, rape, war and even paranormal shows or Horror Movies. This sort of input affects our psyche in a dramatic way. We may not always realize it in the moment, but these energies and the after affects can linger and manifest in various ways. This is especially true/ evident in children who watch adult content or play online games they are too young for.
  • Constantly engaging in self-destructive or negative behaviours, habits, life or thought patterns. Which results in being stuck in toxic or karmic loops you cannot seem to break.
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The same rules apply for Demons.


And the list goes on. Basically, anything that we are doing, or investing our focus/time and energy into, that is not raising our vibration or aligning with our soul, is an invitation for these dark energies to come in. While it is impossible to be completely pure or positive all the time, those who only practice or choose low vibes, toxic energies or activities are naturally more prone to welcoming in these spirit attachments. This is due to them actively reinforcing these ‘ungodly ties’ or ‘strongholds’ every time they engage in toxic and low vibrational behaviours. This is also due to the individual’s own energetic vibration and their self worth.  

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On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be of a higher vibe and you’re on your divine path, you too will attract these negative beings. For different reasons; you will attract them as lessons, distractions, temptation, frenemies etc. Like moths to a flame, you will find the brighter you shine the more haters come out of the woodwork… the more you shine the more you will be able to see who is vibing with you and who is simply in your life for their own reasons.  Protect your energy, use your spiritual discernment and trust your gut!


There you have it, a full explanation of the most common spiritual attachments that may be plaguing you or your loved ones. Obviously when it comes to spiritual attack or spiritual warfare, one cannot always be completely certain as to who or what they are dealing with, but hopefully this article has given you some form of validation or knowledge to steer you in the right direction.

If you are under spiritual attack and require outside assistance, the best route is to contact your local Priest, Priestess, Rabbi, Imam, Shaman or other knowledgeable practitioner of the light.

Blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 11.2022

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Those based in Johannesburg South Africa, if you or a loved one is suffering from these afflictions, take a look at my services offered to see how I could help you. Contact me directly for more information or to book a consultation. I come to you.


FAQ Spiritual Attachments, allsmudgedup.com
What Is a Spiritual Attachment?

Spiritual Attachments are entities/energies that are attached to people, places or things. These beings come in different forms and they can attach for various reasons. Spiritual Attachments will energetically feed off the hosts energy in subtle yet negative ways, often making it difficult to determine who or what they are.

Is Spiritual Possession the Same as Spirit Attachment?

Spirit Attachment is NOT possession. The spirit or entity in question does not take control of the host or physical body. Spirit Attachment is where spirits or negative entities attach themselves to your auric field, astral body, physical body, places or objects. This can then lead to a physical possession but the two do not have to be connected.  

How Do I Know If I Have a Spirit Attachment?

The signs you have a Spirit Attachment will vary based on the type of attachment/entity present as well as their behaviour and reasons for being there. Some signs of spirit attachment could be experiencing bad luck, loss, grief, unexplained illness, death and even mental health problems.

For more on the Signs and Types of Spiritual Attack, take a look at my previous Article here.

What Are the Different Types of Spirit Attachments?

This article outlines some of the more common Spirit Attachments people experience, such as Ghosts, Demons, Djinn and Shadow People, as well as their typical traits and behaviours. Of course, there are many more.

If you’re in JHB South Africa and you require spiritual cleansing & dark entity removal, take a look at my website or contact me directly to see how I can assist you.


For more interesting topics go straight to my Spiritual Blog page .

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