spiritual cleansing services, smudging, saging, home cleansing and blessing by allsmudgedup

I offer Smudging and various other methods of spiritual cleansing to rid yourself and your space of any and all negativity. The methods used for you will be chosen based on what is most effective and relevant to your case.

This includes the removal of:

  • Curses
  • Hexes
  • Entities
  • Attachments
  • And any other stagnant or otherwise harmful energies that are affecting you and preventing you from moving forward.

Please Note: I am an Eclectic Spiritual Practitioner so my methods are pulled from various religions and spiritual paths including Catholicism, Shamanism, and Hoodoo. I am here to help souls in need no matter their spiritual background or beliefs.


spiritual cleansing, decluttering services by allsmudgedup

In order to properly cleanse your space, I also offer a decluttering service. This is where I go through your home with you; room by room to get rid of any old or unwanted items. This includes things like clothing you no longer wear that’s taking up space and essentially ‘hoarding stagnant energy’. This process also involves a deep clean of your home with special items and ingredients. There’s nothing like a good spring clean for the soul!

Please Note: This step is key to any spiritual cleansing and will be a requirement if the home or property in question is cluttered or not cleaned on a regular basis.


spiritual cleansing, home cleansing and blessing by allsmudgedup

Blessings and protection prayers are used when you feel there is a particularly negative presence either in your home or attached to you. I will work through the home to cleanse and bless each room as well as each individual that lives there.

*Prayers and rituals will differ based on your own religious beliefs and the entity that is affecting you.


spiritual cleansing, dark entity removal by allsmudgedup

Every once in a while we come across real negative entities or attachments that are zapping our energy and trying to take hold without us even knowing it. I can validate these to the best of my abilities and assist you in removing them from your space and aura for good.

Sometimes, there are more serious threats or physical paranormal phenomena which I will then need to assess during the home visit in order to best advise you on how we proceed.


spiritual cleansing services and tools by allsmudgedup

Once I have removed these energies and protected the space, it’s important to prevent them from returning to the home or the individual. At the end of the visit, I leave you with your own tools as well as advice and resources on how to move forward in order to maintain the protection and peace that’s been restored.

* PLEASE NOTE: No cleansing or consultation is the same. Pricing is based on your individual case and the work and materials involved. If you would like to set up a consultation, please contact me directly.


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