Welcome to All Smudged Up! South Africa. Offering mobile Spiritual Cleansing Services for property and individuals, based in and around the Gauteng area.

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As an Eclectic Spiritual Practitioner I pride myself on covering all the bases when it comes to your spiritual cleansing needs.

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Cheyenne is down to earth and is great at explaining things in a way that makes you feel comfortable. She made the entire process very easy. Once she had visited us, the change within our home was almost immediate.


We had been trying to sell our family home for a while but we were having some trouble because of the history there. I came across Cheyenne’s business page on Facebook and I called her that evening. She helped us with clearing of old junk my family had been hoarding there, as well as the cleaning and the spiritual stuff. The energy here is completely different now and we feel more confident in putting the home up for sale again.


Cheyenne is an excellent healer. Easy to talk to and very intuitive. I experienced positive mental & physical changes within a few days. I would definitely recommend her to anyone dealing with supernatural forces.


We moved into a house in an older part of Joburg. We were having weird problems from day one. Noises, whispering, something terrorising my kids. After a few weeks of this, we felt like we were going mad. I started researching paranormal investigators and I stumbled onto Cheyenne’s business. She came out for a visit and did the cleansing the next day. Its been 5 months now and we’ve had no activity since!


I suffered from spiritual attacks since my childhood. Nightmares, depression, the works. I heard about Cheyenne from a friend. After years of ‘trying everything’, I finally feel like I’m in control again. Thank you, you have a beautiful gift.


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