Welcome to PART 2 of the CHAKRA series. In this instalment, we discuss different techniques one can use to balance, activate or clear out their Chakras.

If you missed Part 1 I would recommend starting there. It is important to understand the basis and function of each Chakra so that one can then identify their personal needs and take things from there.

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Otherwise, take a look below for some easy and fun methods you can do at home.



Now that we have explored the Chakras and we know what could be ailing them, we can look at some helpful and very simple techniques to balance them. Of course, there are many more or different methods out there, here are just a few that have been proven to work and are easy enough to do at any time.

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As explained in the previous article, each Chakra vibrates at a different frequency and has certain mantras you can use to activate, align or balance them. These are AUM, AUM / HAM, HAM, YAM, RAM VAM, LAM. Using tools, techniques and frequency music for each Chakra can be super helpful in shifting these energy points and getting them to function properly. YouTube is very helpful for this.

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  • Another simple yet effective technique is saying affirmations. There are specific ones for each Chakra and what they represent.
  • Repeating these out loud while focusing on the intended Chakra is also a useful tool and easy enough to do with so much material available online.
  • When using affirmations, it’s about more than just saying words. These are key phrases or power words and each one vibrates at a particular frequency. When we focus on the phrases, the words and the feelings they invoke in us when using them, we will notice shifting within our energy centres and therefore within our physical reality as well.
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  • A more physical approach and specifically useful on the 3 lower energy centres is to use Yoga and Mudras to balance your Chakras.
  • Movement is very powerful in shifting stagnant energy be it through stretching, dancing, massage or exercising.
  • Just as with the other techniques, there is a Mudra for each Chakra as well as yoga positions known to open and balance each one.
  • Mudras are specific hand gestures or positions that when held in the correct way, at the correct body point, will open us up to receive their individual benefits.
  • Yoga as we know is highly beneficial not only as a form of exercise, but also aids in mindfulness practices and meditation.
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In Part 1, I mentioned some different crystal options you can use for each Chakra. Crystals can be used in various ways and there are no right or wrong methods of using them. Basically, sit with yours and do what feels right to you. Sitting in silence while holding and connecting with your crystals is a beneficial exercise. This way, you can assess each one and the energy it gives off. Depending on the stones you are using, each will give off different vibes and degrees of intensity.

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Below are some ways you can use your crystals on a daily basis for the Chakras, aside from using them in meditation.

  • Crystal Grids are a very popular way of utilising many crystals at once while setting a strong intention. There are grids you can refer to online or you can always make your own! Incorporating other elements too such as herbs or candles. Place your grid in your meditation spot so you can align with and tune into its power on a daily basis. If you do not meditate every day or do not have a designated spot, place your grid somewhere you will see it daily and make time to connect with it and reap its rewards.
  • Crystal Healing by placing your crystals on the affected area or Chakras directly. This is easy enough to do and can also be done during your mediation time or while you are falling asleep at night.
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  • Carry crystals on you in the form of jewellery or keeping the stone in your clothing or underwear. For some this is easier than others. But if you are working on the lower Chakras specifically, wearing your crystals in your waistband or pockets will certainly assist you as you go about your day.
  • Making and drinking crystal charged water / moon water is another fun way to get the most out of your stones. Use big pieces that will fit in a glass jar or bottle (and wont get swallowed!) and add them to your drinking water or moon water jugs and jars. This way you are reaping their benefits from the inside out. *Just make sure your crystals are water safe.

Sound can be a wonderful tool for most spiritual practices. Sound promotes movement and shifting in the energy of a place, person or thing. Aside from using music and affirmations, other great uses of sound for the Chakras could be using a singing bowl, bells, rattles, drums, gong and other instruments.

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  • Using these instruments over the Chakras, will initiate movement and release any stagnant energy that has accumulated within or around them.
  • If you do not have any instruments at home, you could find videos or sound tracks of these instruments for the Chakras and listen to those while in meditation or falling asleep at night.
  • Another option would also be using breathwork techniques, these too can be found through online resources and guided meditations.

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For more on The Use of Sounds, take a look at my article below.

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  • Using exercise or movement as mentioned above, can also be useful for activating and shifting the Chakras.
  • Dance is a wonderful method for this purpose too. Dancing with abandon when alone or even in a group allows us to shake things up – release inhibitions, express ourselves, move freely and ultimately move to the rhythm of our own heartbeats.
  • Remember, it’s not about whether or not you think you can dance. It’s about just being and moving and enjoying. Living in the now.
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As you probably are aware, essential oils have some amazing properties and can be highly beneficial in contributing to our health and wellbeing.

There are a few ways one can use these to benefit the Chakras –

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  • Using certain oils or combinations relevant to your Chakras through massage is a great tool in moving, shifting and balancing energy. This can be done as a regular massage over the back Chakra areas or over specific spots such as the abdomen or scalp and head area directly.
  • Reflexology is also a useful alternative to try if one is having issues with specific organs and body parts. Using your oils chosen for the Chakra/s in question, will assist in working on these through the feet.
  • Another method (*for sensitive skin) is to add a drop of oil to your palms and rub them together. Breathe in the scent deeply. Then move your hands gently over your aura. Let them hover over the Chakras while you visualize activating and balancing them, instead of touching your skin directly.


Colour therapy or harnessing colour energy is a pretty underrated form of magic and spirituality. Colours contribute to our emotional and mental wellness on a subconscious level. Have you ever stopped to think about certain colours you are drawn to in your space or wardrobe? Or why do you only like green vegetables? While these things may seem meaningless, we can use this information to find out more about what colours our bodies need or why we are drawn to certain shades in the first place. These can also be indications of which Chakras are stagnant or overworked.

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Using colour therapy for the Chakras is easy and should be fun too! Once you have figured out the Chakras that are blocked, why not try using their colours more in your everyday life. Or should you find you may be overdoing the reds lately, maybe it’s time to see what other Chakras could be improved and what other colours could be added to your space.

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Example – Should your Sacral Chakra be underactive you may like to start wearing some orange tights or underwear more often. Maybe add some carrots, butternut and fresh orange juice to your diet. Place a bouquet of bright orange flowers on your kitchen counter so you can see them and appreciate their vibrancy daily. Add some orange and red shades to the bedroom area so you can connect more deeply with your sensuality. In other words – connect with orange. Connect with the colour and the feeling it invokes inside you.


For those that have not yet realized, real Chakra work is closely linked to Shadow and Inner Child work. I say this because in order to balance, heal or simply have our Chakras (and ourselves) running at their peak – we need to address what messed them and us up in the first place.

As you have seen, this means addressing experiences and traumas that could have occurred at any point in our lives, it is up to us to find out and heal these at their core. At the end of the day, no amount of dancing and banging drums will be able to shift or heal your emotional traumas and triggers if they are left unaddressed and eating you up inside.

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For those interested in diving deeper and exploring these root traumas, take a look at my article below.

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I hope you enjoy trying out these methods and have fun learning about and discovering yourself at your core.

Blessings, Cheyenne.

This article was originally written & published – 11.08.2021


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What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points that sit on specific areas of our bodies. They are what link us to our spiritual selves. When a Chakra or energy centre is off or not working properly (i.e. – stuck or overworking) it will begin to affect our physical bodies, mental and emotional states and wellbeing if left unaddressed. When our Chakras are balanced our bodies are in harmony with our spiritual and emotional selves. This means everything is working the way it is supposed to and each energy centre is moving freely and openly in a state of balance and harmony.

How Many Chakras are There?

We have seven main Chakras within our physical bodies. Each one is located at a certain point and affects the organs or parts surrounding that area. These are – The Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras. There are also Chakras that sit within our auric field known as Higher Chakras which have different purposes yet to be explored.

What Makes Each Chakra Different?

Each of our Chakras sits at a certain point within our energy fields and physical bodies. They grow as we grow. Therefore each one vibrates at a different frequency and has its own purpose, name, symbol and colour. These attributes help us to understand what each Chakra needs to be balanced and how it affects us in our daily lives. By incorporating these colours, symbols, affirmations or even movements for each Chakra, we are able to naturally and effectively heal and balance these centres of power within us.

Do I Need to Work on my Chakras?

As humans and energy, we are constantly changing, growing, evolving. Sometimes though we are held back and affected by traumas or outdated patterns and belief systems. Sometimes we hold onto these things and store them within ourselves without even realizing it until we have manifested a physical ailment.

Chakra work is not only for certain people or only to be done when things are serious. It’s for ALL of us! All the time. It’s something to be maintained and worked on as much as we can. Knowing whether your Chakras are blocked, balanced or spiralling out of control is the first step. This article should assist you in analysing and working on the areas and energy centres that are relevant to you and your healing journey.

How do I Balance my Chakras?

In order to balance something, we need to figure out what has it imbalanced in the first place. Is something stuck and not moving? Or are things spinning out of control? The first step is knowing where on the scale you fall and taking it from there. There are no quick fixes as with most things in life, so you will need to look at each energy centre and assess it with total love and honesty.

There are many methods and practices out there, it’s key to find the ones that resonate with you and your personal beliefs as well as your scope of comfortability. Part 2 of this article – Working with your Chakras will provide you with some easy methods you can use to balance yours.


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